The woman found her boyfriend married after pregnancy!Man: There are 3 girlfriends

After a woman was pregnant, she found that her boyfriend was married. The man also had three girlfriends. The woman had a dispute due to compensation for compensation for compensation.This is a news full of pain, deception, and moral degradation, which has aroused widespread concern and thought in society.

Ms. Liu is a cheerful and lively girl. She met a man on the Internet a few months ago, and the two quickly established a relationship.The man is handsome and handsome, and he gets along very well with Ms. Liu.Ms. Liu quickly found that she was pregnant. After telling the man, the man told her that she was married and asked her to kill her children.Ms. Liu was very sad. She felt that the man deceived her feelings, but because of love, she still reached an agreement with the man with a compensation of 80,000 yuan.

However, things have not ended.Ms. Liu eventually made her very painful and sad because she was cut off the fallopian tubes on one side.In addition, the man began to pay only 10,000, and asked the woman to determine the remaining 70,000 after the child was killed.However, now Ms. Liu insists that the man has not given the remaining 70,000, but the man said to cash, and also claimed that the woman was a fraud, so the two had a dispute because of compensation.

1. The man’s behavior is immoral.The man knew that he was married, but also established a love relationship with Ms. Liu, which is an immoral behavior.What’s more, when Ms. Liu was pregnant, the man asked her to kill her children, which was even more unacceptable.The man’s behavior is angry and disappointed. Where is his moral bottom line?

2. Women should protect themselves.Women should protect themselves in love, not to believe others easily, and they cannot be stunned by feelings.If you find the real situation of the man earlier, you may avoid later damage.Women should learn to protect their physical and mental health, and do not make an excessive decision for love.

3. Society should strengthen the protection of marriage.The man’s derailment in marriage not only hurt his family, but also hurt the feelings and dignity of other women.Society should strengthen the protection of marriage, strictly implement the marriage law, and allow those who betray marriage to pay the corresponding price.

From a legal perspective, the man’s behavior involves laws and regulations such as marriage law and criminal law.The man is married and establishes a relationship with Ms. Liu, which violates the regulations of the Marriage Law in my country.The man asked Ms. Liu to kill her children, which constituted illegal acts in criminal law.Compensation disputes between the man and Ms. Liu also involved laws and regulations such as contract law.The man should bear the corresponding legal responsibility for his actions, and Ms. Liu should also exercise her rights in accordance with laws and regulations and protect her legitimate rights and interests.

In this news, the man’s behavior involves multiple aspects such as marriage, love, morality and law.His behavior not only hurt Ms. Liu’s feelings and health, but also violated the bottom line of law and the moral bottom line of society.We should pay more attention to the protection of marriage and love, and we must also strengthen the constraints of morality and law.Only in this way can our society more harmonious, healthy and beautiful.

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