The woman found that she was pregnant, but there was no "child" in the uterus?Doctor: It grows on the liver!

A woman in Anhui did not come to the holiday for 3 months. After inspection was not found in the local hospital, the doctor finally found the pregnancy sac at her liver door after visiting Yangzhou.Doctors said that 95%of ectopic pregnancy occurred in the fallopian tube, and only two internal organs "abnormal pregnancy" had been encountered from the medical 30 years.

Find a pregnancy sac at the women’s liver door

Xiao Zhao (pseudonym) is from Anhui. He is 29 years old and has just been married for half a year.Last week, Xiao Zhao suddenly felt a faint pain in the upper abdomen, and thought that the menopause was also 3 months old. Xiao Zhao came to the hospital hospital for treatment.

The local doctor’s examination believes that Xiao Zhao is pregnant, but the subsequent B -ultrasound has made the doctor very puzzled. No pregnancy sac is found in Xiao Zhao’s uterus.trace.After a day, Xiao Zhao accompanied his family to go to the Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University for further examination.

After preliminary examination and detailed consultation, the doctor learned that the Xiao Zhao’s progesterone index was high. Although there was no symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage, discomfort occurred in the upper abdomen.The doctor judged that Xiao Zhao had the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.After careful investigation, the doctor finally found a block at Xiao Zhao’s liver door. The CT examination was further confirmed. This is a very rare liver "abnormal pregnancy".

Doctors take out the pregnancy sac

After the diagnosis, the doctor performed emergency surgery for Xiao Zhao. Due to the large formation of abdominal opening surgery, considering that Xiao Zhao had not had birth, the doctor decided to remove the gestational sac at the liver door through a laparoscopy.The surgery was successfully completed.Yesterday, Xiao Zhao had been discharged from the hospital and returned to his hometown in Anhui.

"It is very rare for the" abnormal pregnancy ‘that occurs in the internal organs. I have been medical for 30 years. This is the second time I met. "Li Shihua, deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Yangda Affiliated Hospital, told reporters that the fertilized eggs are not bed in the uterus."Extrace The pregnancy", which is often referred to as ectopic pregnancy, and 95%of ectopic pregnancy are pregnant in the fallopian tubes.

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Source: People’s Daily Online Jiangsu Channel

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