The woman in the uterus of the woman was empty.

According to the "Straits Herald" public account (HXDBWX) on April 26, on the 22nd, Ms. You in Anhui Tianchang, because the upper abdomen was unwell to the hospital for examination, the doctor found a block in its liver, and this block is not anything.Tumor turned out to be an embryo.

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The doctor introduced that the patient was 29 years old and went to the hospital’s outpatient examination two days ago. At first, he thought it was a gynecological problem, but after checking the blood, he found that the patient had a sign of pregnancy.

Director Li said: "She had a menopause for three months and checked a blood to confirm that she was pregnant.

There were obvious pregnancy indicators that could not be found. The doctor suspected that there was an ectopic pregnancy, so he had a CT examination for the patient. It was found that this was a rare case of ectopic pregnancy, and the embryo ran to the liver.

According to reports, ectopic pregnancy is common near the fallopian tube. It is extremely rare for embryos to run to the liver, which can easily cause major bleeding and endanger life.

The doctor introduced that if you encounter large blood vessels, especially the liver gate, there may be thousands of milliliters of blood loss in the short term.

On the same day, the doctor removed this dangerous mass for patients through laparoscopic surgery.The doctor also reminded that women should conduct a timely inspection after conception to prevent similar situations.

4 major symptoms to help you identify ectopic pregnancy

1. Mentalal discontinuation: Before the abortion or rupture of the ectopic pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction such as menopause, nausea, and vomiting will occur like pregnancy.

2. Abdominal pain: There is pain in the lower abdomen, like a stool.When the pregnancy sac is relatively small, the abdominal pain may not be obvious, but once the ectopic pregnancy is ruptured, the tear -like pain will occur.


3. Bleeding: Women with ectopic pregnancy will experience a small amount of vaginal bleeding after menopause, often endlessness. Many women often think that this is a menstruation, which ignores it.

4. Salmonic and shock: Once ectopic pregnancy is ruptured, acute bleeding will occur in the abdominal cavity, causing blood capacity and severe abdominal pain. Those with mildness often have syncope, and shock occurs in severe cases.

How to prevent ectopic pregnancy?

1. Smoking and alcoholic women, the chance of ectopic pregnancy is higher than ordinary women;

2. The more women’s abortion, the greater the chance of suffering from ectopic pregnancy, so we must do a good job of contraceptive work;

3. Actively prevent and treat gynecological inflammation and reduce the incidence of fallopian tube inflammation;

4. Go to the hospital early after pregnancy for ultrasound examination.

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