The woman insisted on the divorce judge when he was pregnant.

On August 4, during an interview with the Hexi Court of Tongxin County Court, Ma Li, the vice president of the court, visited a couple on the phone and learned that the woman was waiting for delivery in the hospital.Four months ago, the two sides were not allowed to make a deal because of divorce.In April of this year, the woman came to the Hexi court to sue the divorce when she was pregnant. The two daughters were 3 and a half years old, and they were 1 year old and 7 months old.Considering the woman’s pregnancy and taking two children, although the two sides had a dispute over life trivial matters, there were no major principles, and the official gave the calm period for half a month.After the expiration, the woman still insisted on divorce, and the man agreed, but asked to raise two children.During the trial, Ma Li did a good job of mediation and did not worry about issuing it. Instead, he did a job for the woman three times in a row: "You are pregnant now. Once you divorce, you will cause psychological harm to the two children." Kung Fu is worthy of care.The two sides were sincerely moved by the judge. The woman filed a withdrawal and a good application. The man took the initiative to accompany the woman to the hospital for inspection. A divorce dispute was reconciled.The law popularization is to allow the masses to learn the law and enhance legal awareness.There are many immigrants in Hexi Town, Tongxin County. The Hexi Court demanded that the judges should not be dragged on the spot, and they could not be dragged on the spot. Guide the two parties to find the focus of contradictions.For neighborhood disputes, the judge was required to go to the scene.Even cases to be judged should be further interpreted, explaining risk consequences, and urging the two parties to actively perform to achieve the effect of a law enforcement.Most of the cases of the court’s judgment were performed by the parties."Electronic evidence is also evidence. You should pay attention to collecting." During the process of looking for the object of Gan and Ma, the resident of Hexi Town, the woman lent the man 20,000 yuan. Later, the two sides disagreed. The man deleted the woman’s WeChat.The woman asked for no loan and sued the Hexi court, but only WeChat chat records and transfer records.The court guided the plaintiff to collect the corresponding electronic evidence to form a complete evidence chain, and then tried it to judge that the man paid the woman to borrow 18,000 yuan.After the judge’s interpretation, the man took the initiative to fulfill the repayment obligation.Ma Xuedong, president of the Hexi Court, introduced that the Hexi Court was established in 1983 with a population of 56,000 in the jurisdiction and has five police officers.With the continuous extension of the result of consolidating the results of poverty alleviation to the continuous development of rural revitalization, the common disputes in neighborhood, land, marriage and family disputes were common in the past.68%.In recent years, the Hexi Court has innovatively established the source governance mechanism of "pre -litigation persuasion, litigation guidance, legal guidance, letters and visits", explore the "1+N" diversified solution mechanism, and integrate multi -party forces to resolve contradictions from the source.Members of judges, village "two committees", grass -roots staff, people’s mediators, people’s jurors, and people who have a certain legal literacy and have a high degree of mass recognition to form a solution team to complain about disputes such as marriage and family, neighborhoods, land and other disputes in the jurisdictions.The previous, in the complaint, and after the complaint, mediation and doubt.The number of cases in the court rose from 128 in 2011 to 721 in 2018. In the next three years, due to the active mechanism of complaints and innovative solutions, the number of cases declined year by year.In 2021, it fell to 479, with a conclusion rate of 97%, a withdrawal rate of 83.97%, and a judgment rate of 98.42%.

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