The woman is 21 weeks pregnant, but the "Auntie" visits every month. What is going on?

Recently, the Fourth Division of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hunan Province has come to about 21 weeks of pregnancy, and asked Ms. Mo, who asked for labor.

But strangely, since she is pregnant, the "Auntie" has come every month, and there is no early pregnancy reaction, but she feels bloating in the past month.

During this period, she also worked often.Because the "Auntie" was postponed in June, she came to the hospital for treatment before she knew she was pregnant, and it was about 21 weeks.

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Director of the Fourth Maternal Program: This phenomenon is called excitement, also known as a child or dirt, which is rare in clinical practice.It means that after pregnancy, menstruation is still monthly, and the amount is relatively small, shorter, shorter, and is a physiological phenomenon.

Modern medicine believes that it is a physiological reaction to bed in bed.Usually, the tide of blood is due to the endometrium of the uterine endometrium under the action of estrogen and progesterone produced by the ovaries, and periodic uterine bleeding is produced.

In the early stages of pregnancy, when the fertilized eggs were planted into the uterus, the choric membrane produced gonadotropin. It can make ovarian luteal development into pregnancy luteal. Pregnancy luteal continues to secrete estrogen and progesterone, prompting endometrium to be molt, maintaining pregnancy, maintaining pregnancyThe eggs continue to grow.

However, the chorionic gonad hormone caused by individual pregnant women cannot convert ovarian luteal into pregnancy progesterics, and ovarian function continues to move, thereby forming a monthly small amount of vaginal hemorrhage (that is, stimulation).

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The stimulus is a special phenomenon for the monthly menstruation after pregnancy.It only appears in the early pregnancy and does not appear throughout the pregnancy.

After pregnancy from March to April, sex hormones are secreted by the placenta instead of ovarian function (especially after four months, even if the bilateral ovaries are removed, they can continue to maintain pregnancy), so periodic bleeding will not continue in the future.

It is a physiological phenomenon and has no obvious damage to pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, there are no other special circumstances and can generally continue pregnancy.

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For the calculation of the due date, the last normal menstruation should be prevailed, not based on the last stress.Otherwise, it is easy to misdiagnose normal -month births as premature birth, and the calculated due date is later than the actual due date, which will be prepared before delivery.

So our pregnant mothers can’t care about it. While menstruation, your baby may have arrived!

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