The woman was born at 23 weeks of pregnancy, and the birth type was almost the same as the father’s palm, and the whole family did not give up

According to the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the incidence of premature babies in my country is about 7%.The premature birth has become the first cause of death in the death of infants in my country. The mortality rate of premature babies will be 4-6 times higher than that of the normal full moon.

In addition, after the birth of premature babies, if effective comprehensive intervention is not adopted in time, its growth and development and nutritional status will be significantly behind the normal full moon.The proportion of premature child cerebral palsy, chronic lung disease, visual and auditory defects is also significantly higher than normal.

But a recent Weibo: "A 25 -year -old woman in the United States in the United States, a 25 -year -old woman in her pregnancy due to the breakdown of amniotic fluid. When the baby was born, it was only 368 grams, and her body was almost the same as his father’s palm.

However, the baby miracle survives. Although it has to survive by the ventilator, there is a small part of the infection, but the physical condition is stable and the weight is increasing.Now you can eat breast milk and work hard to learn your own breathing."

It can be seen that the medical methods are so developed today and have a very complete medical system for premature babies.And there is already a good solution for the lack of breast milk of premature babies. Now that some mothers have insufficient breast milk, how can mothers with insufficient breast milk make the baby eat well and how about the diet of premature babies?What about care?

Many premature babies were born after birth, and they could not eat breast milk due to insufficient breast milk.

Then, in the case of lack of breast milk, do children have no better alternative to eat?The result is not. For this situation, a premature formula milk for babies is specially consumed.

This is a special formula specially prepared for premature babies. This formula not only leaves many advantages of breast milk, but also specially supplements some of the nutrients of breast milk.

After solving the problem of insufficient breast milk of premature babies, parents ushered in a new problem, that is, to convert formula milk to the baby.

For example, the recipe milk that the baby eats during hospitalization is converted into the formula milk after discharge. After discharge for a period of time, the baby will be replaced with baby formula milk.

When changing, parents should not be in a hurry. They should give their children a process of gradually adapting.You can slowly increase the number and dose of the latter during the conversion stage.During this period, the baby may be resisted, but with the number of gradual increases, the baby will slowly adapt to it. This is not necessary to worry.

I just introduced the method of lack of breast milk and conversion of premature babies, so now it is also important, how to feed premature babies.

Feeding premature babies is actually very careful.Because compared to the full moon babies, premature babies obviously have a small amount of milk.Moreover, premature babies will also be intermittent. This is because premature babies will feel tired when eating milk, so this is a normal phenomenon.

If you find that your baby eats anxiously, let the baby rest for a while and continue to eat.

Well, these are some of the situations of premature babies and some common sense.Hope this article can help parents.Finally, I wish you all a healthy and healthy baby!””””

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