The woman was drunk and woke up naked, and soon found that she was pregnant, and it felt like she was not a boyfriend!

—— 【· Foreword ·】 –

We should attach great importance to the ambiguity and security issues after drinking.Indeed, the judgment and response ability of people after being drunk will be affected, and it is easy to cause danger.This is especially important for women, because they may be more likely to be potential.

Xiao Chen is a girl who has just joined the job. She was persuaded by the leader at a meal, and soon she was unpredictable.When she woke up, she was surprised to find that she was lying in the hotel room, and her body was naked.After a while, she began to feel uncomfortable. It turned out that she was pregnant for a few months!But what confused her was that the child’s father was not her boyfriend.

She began to doubt what happened after the broken film.This mysterious child’s father’s identity has become a problem that makes her distressed.Now she urgently needs help and support, and at the same time, she reports to investigate the incident and shares her encounters with close people to get their support and assistance.We must keep calm and ensure that her rights and interests are maintained and restored.

—— 【· Pre -planned wine bureau ·】 – »»

In the new month, Chen achieved good results again.The company’s manager invited her and invited her to a banquet from the company.He claims that there are many leaders present, and opportunities are rare.Chen was in tangles.On the one hand, the lascivious and unknown of the manager of the text is out of name, and the second, there are indeed many leaders participating.

Because it is engaged in the golden sales industry. If a large number of introductions and sales are not made, it is difficult to let customers understand the product itself.Therefore, although not much words, Chen is very active at work.This also made her often get the status of the crown, which was more eye -catching.

Chen considered it and decided to accept the invitation of manager Wen.She knows that establishing a good relationship with leaders in the workplace is helpful for her development, and this banquet may be an opportunity to show her talents and abilities.

That night, Chen noticed that Manager Wen had always taken care of her, not only poured wine for her at the banquet, but also asked her to sit with her and talk to her frequently.She felt more and more interesting that Manager Wen was interesting to her.

With the banquet, the atmosphere gradually became lively, and Chen drank a lot of wine unknowingly.She began to feel a little confused, and her consciousness became blurred.

Manager Wen was happy, and his purpose finally achieved.He decided to leave Chen with Chen, saying that he was going to send her home.

—— 【· Vague Night ·】 – »»

Manager Wen sent Chen to the hotel room.The gentle manager who is usually frozen is completely beastly, and he has violated Chen …

The next day Chen woke up and saw that he was lying naked in bed.She rubbed her head and recalled last night. It seemed that someone sent herself to the room, which was normal.So she dressed and left the hotel.At this time, she just felt a little weird and didn’t have much idea.

Afterwards, he was afraid of being discovered by Chen, so he panicked and wore clothes away.If you want to fake the illusion of only Chen’s person in the room.

—— 【· wrong body ·】 – »»

It was half a month after Chen Mou had been away from that night, but she felt a little strange when she started to remember the scene at the time.First of all, if a colleague sent her back to the room, why would she take off her clothes?This made her feel very confused.She was doubtful and worried about that night.

In addition, her physical condition made her more and more wrong.She frequently felt nausea and vomiting, and her limbs often felt sore.A friend of her child told her that these were typical reactions of pregnancy and suggested that she go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Because of fear, Chen immediately went to the hospital and found that she was really pregnant!

Chen’s boyfriend was very happy to learn the news of her pregnancy, so she quickly prepared for marriage.However, Chen had some concerns inside. She always felt that the children in her belly were not boyfriend.

—— 【· Late Truth ·】 – »

With doubt, Chen continued to work.One day, the company organized a dinner event.Considering the physical condition of her current pregnancy, Chen decided to refuse to attend the dinner.

Under the stimulus of colleagues, Chen remembered that night and realized that she was in line with the time of the child in the belly. She immediately found the manager Wen and wanted to know what happened that night.However, Manager Wen did not care about it and insisted that it had nothing to do with the children in Chen’s belly.

Chen strengthened his doubts and proposed parent -child identification.Although Manager Wen may be guilty, he handed over his hair to Chen.

After identification, the children in Chen’s belly were indeed manager.Manager Wen can no longer deny it, only vaguely.Chen decided to sue him to court, hoping that the law would give a fair judgment.

Chen directly brought the manager to the court and waited for the law to give a fair judgment.Looking at the evidence, manager Wen changed his mouth to say that the sexual relationship between them was voluntary, and claimed that this did not constitute rape or rape, and the existence of the child was legitimate.Chen and his families were irritable by this sophistry.

However, after some investigation and evidence collection, manager Wen’s sophistry was quickly overthrown.The evidence clearly proves that the child is a manager.Finally, the court sentenced manager to guilty and sentenced him to six years in prison.This incident seemed to have an end, but for Chen, the psychological shadow could not be made up.She experienced huge pain and trauma, and she needed psychological counseling and support to help herself out of trouble.

—— [· Disasel wine table culture ·] – »

Indeed, in some workplace and social occasions, wine table culture has gradually become popular.It is generally believed that only through drinking can we build a closer relationship or show the sincerity of cooperation.

Especially for young and beautiful women, they may be regarded as tools, and they are forced to drink unnecessary wine under such unwritten wine tables.This situation does exist, for these women, this is an unfair and unpleasant situation.

However, we need to clearly point out that this behavior is immoral and violates personal autonomy and dignity.No one should be forced to participate or accept any unwilling behavior, whether it is drinking or other things.

For this kind of problem, we need to strengthen the awareness of gender equality and respect, promote good workplace and social culture, ensure that everyone can choose their own behavior freely, and get the respect and protection of deserve.At the same time, it is also important to cultivate your own pressure and improve communication ability, so as to adhere to your own bottom line and rights.

When it comes to being abused or used by drinking, this situation is indeed chilling.In 2011, the teacher of Guizhou Middle School was forced to accompany the wine. Unfortunately, the police failed to provide help. Such things were really frustrated.

Drinking was harmful to the body, and when girls were drunk, some people would take the opportunity to take advantage of them, which undoubtedly caused them to hurt them.How angry and unfair this behavior is!

Indeed, in such an environment, wine is no longer a symbol of enjoyment, but a threat and harm to women.After being drunk, women are easy to lose their ability to move, which provides an opportunity for illegal people.

Faced with this distorted culture, we can only adopt the way to resist and protest.First of all, we should start from ourselves, refuse to participate in this negative behavior, and abandon the habit of abuse of alcohol.At the same time, we should also call on others to join our ranks and resist together.


When you encounter your legitimate rights and interests being violated, you should pick up a scientific method to deal with it.When you go out, especially when you enter the workplace, you will definitely face many entertainment. At this time, you should do your best.Most importantly, don’t let yourself lose consciousness.At the same time, Chen’s affairs sounded the alarm to the girls.Finally pick up the legal weapon and give the other party a heavy blow!

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