The woman’s "ring" is still pregnant, and the family insists on leaving the child!

In this case, if women have an accidental pregnancy, from the perspective of eugenics, doctors will recommend artificial abortion surgery, and at the same time, they must take out the birth ring.After the ring of pregnancy, it is not only prone to abortion, but it may also cause fetal development abnormalities. In severe cases, fetal malformation may occur.

Ms. Yu, 33 at Xi’an, found that she had no appetite and didn’t want to eat anything.I thought it was an old problem with cold stomachs. After I did a few cupping in the health hall near the community, it still had no effect.With her husband’s suggestion and accompaniment, Ms. Yu went to the hospital for a B -ultrasound.The results of the inspection made the couple dare not believe their ears!Ms. Yu, who has been on the ring for many years, has been pregnant, and she is pregnant with twins.

After returning home, Ms. Yu considered that her son was 8 years old, and the couple did not have a second child plan, so she discussed with her family as soon as possible.However, after the husband and parents of both sides heard her thoughts, they both insisted on discouraging and wanted to leave the twins that others were "unable to ask."My mother -in -law told Ms. Yu that since the child comes, it means that she has a relationship with our family. Now the policy is allowed, so I leave these two children.

However, when Ms. Yu consulted the doctor again, Director Li, who was admitted to the consultation, said that because of her pregnancy, the birth ring in the body cannot be removed casually.If you have a ring of pregnancy, different from normal normal pregnancy, the chance of abortion is relatively high.Although the incidence of malformations has not seen a significantly increased in babies with a loop to give birth to a full -moon childbirth, according to clinical medical proof, babies will be accompanied by slow growth and development, hypoxia, and low immunity.Therefore, those who have a ring of pregnancy should attract sufficient attention.

As for the reasons why Ms. Yu also became pregnant, Director Li said that there have been such examples.The contraceptive ring has fallen off, but the body cannot feel, which is the most common reason.In addition, the position of the contraceptive ring is relatively low, close to the palace mouth, so that it cannot prevent the combination of sperm and eggs, or the ring deformation, break, inappropriate size, etc., will cause contraceptive failure.It should be checked once every 3-6 months after the board. If the position of the birth ring is normal, it will generally not be pregnant.

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