The Yunnan Women’s Hotel opened a house, and a baby suddenly fell out of the trousers.

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It is said that having a child is a very hard and very dangerous thing. In general, it takes at least 16 hours from the beginning of the pregnant mother to start a regular contraction.

Even if the labor process is shortened to 10 hours, it is particularly risky.

Many mothers envy others to be born fast, but not as fast as possible. What if the labor process is less than 3 hours?Is it really easier or better?It’s not necessarily!

Not long ago, something happened in a gaming hotel in Dali, Yunnan, which was very thrilling.

A long -haired woman opened the house alone in the hotel. Suddenly, something fell out of her loose pants. The people around me were a quasi -mother. This was a baby who fell out. She turned out to be produced!

The relevant person in charge of the hotel hurriedly helped to hit 120 first aid. During the time when the ambulance came, there was just a doctor from the Dali People’s Hospital. Because there were no children to have children, everyone could only help the maternal delivery together until the ambulance was taken.The handle of the handle was taken to the hospital.

Many netizens teased in the comment area: In the future, it will be called Shunluo, and some people recommend named "shop student".

In fact, this incident is not happy at all. For maternal and babies, it has almost experienced life and death. The emergency production in the third trimester is not playing in trouble, but it is not as simple as everyone thinks.

There is also a video of the previous special fire, you must have seen it.

A pregnant woman in Guangdong was walking normally on the road, but she gave birth, but she was stunned, because the child slipped directly.

Fortunately, there were enthusiastic people nearby saw it, hurried forward to help, called the ambulance in time, and finally the mother and child were safe.

In fact, there are more than two examples. You must have heard of it. Some people have given birth to the child when they take a bath. Some people do n’t even notice that they are pregnant.Intersection

Many mothers envy, why did I have a child and pain in the dark one night, and how can their children be so easy to fall out?Some netizens laughed and said that "having children is as smooth as shit."

In fact, don’t look at the same as playing with them. Even if this production method is urgent, you look very easy, but it is not a good thing, but there are great risks!

Generally, the output process is an emergency production less than three hours, and it is also a non -normal production. Don’t look at the emergency production may come out at once, but the risk factor is really too high.

First of all, for the mother, because the production is too sudden and the process is too fast, it is easy to cause the vulva to tear.

Because of the insufficient production preparation of pregnant women in the early stage, it will greatly increase the chance of postpartum hemorrhage, and if it is suddenly urgent to produce other places, not in the hospital, the disinfection and hygiene can not be in place, and it may cause postpartum infection.

Secondly, it is even more dangerous for the baby.

Because the fetus is too fragile, they can easily occur in the process of emergency production. In case of hypoxia, ischemia, amniotic fluid, etc., in case the pregnant woman above is born on the road, the child slipped to the ground, and it was easily damaged.

The most terrible thing is that because the time of emergency delivery is too short and the pressure of the fetus is particularly high. If the fetus cannot adapt to it in a short time, it will easily cause intracranial hemorrhage, or suffer from infection and suffocation.

Who is easy to give birth?You can compare it:

1. Maternal or pre -fetal is also a pregnant mother who is also emergency. The probability of emergency delivery again will be greater than a mother.

2. If the growth of the fetus is relatively slow, especially if the weight is too light, it is also easy to emerge.

3. If the dose is too large during production, it may also lead to emergency production.

During pregnancy, we must learn more about childbirth, strictly follow the doctor’s advice, and regularly check on time!

If you have symptoms of redness and water breaking, or have a regular contraction pain, you must go to the hospital quickly.

Usually, especially in the third trimester, there are fewer places to avoid danger and cause urgency.In case of urgent delivery, ask for help and dial 120 in time.

If it is a pregnant mother who is prone to emergency production, remember to prepare for the production bag and prepare the relevant documents, so as to prevent panic when the sudden occurs.Try to choose a spacious and comfortable means of transportation to avoid pregnant mothers sitting there and not in poor blood flow on the road. If you can take a little move to take a walk in the middle, it is also important to ensure that the air circulation in the car is also important.If you go to a new city, you need to understand the path of going to the hospital. In case of situation, you can start at any time.No matter where you go, remember to bring the relevant documents and some checkbooks, so that you can effectively help your doctor judge your physical condition!You ca n’t be sloppy when you go out. The pregnant mother must ensure that the diet is balanced, so that the baby can grow well.Ensure sufficient sleep, adjust your mood, and avoid postpartum depression!

The more labor, the more things you need to pay attention to!You need to learn in advance to deal with emergency production and delivery.

In addition, it is necessary to remind everyone that the first child and the second child are better than one year old, otherwise the mother’s body does not recover well, and it is easy to cause emergency delivery.

After the mother should pay attention, there are special circumstances or signs of childbirth. We must go to the hospital in time to avoid urgent delivery elsewhere.

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