There are 21 British women with a 45 -year -old baby, and they are born when they are pregnant. The family is like kindergarten

What is the experience like kindergarten at home?I think most families should not experience this feeling.Like ordinary families, there are two, as many as three or four.This is far from the size of the kindergarten. If there are more than twenty children in the family, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is kindergarten.

Susan from the United Kingdom is such a mother. She has been giving birth to children since her pregnancy. It can be said that in these years, she has either gave birth to children or on the way to pregnancy.

What is the reason, causing Susan to be out of control?

Susan said she enjoyed the process of pregnancy very much, and she felt very wonderful during pregnancy.Watching her belly getting bigger every day, when she gave birth, she felt very wonderful when she returned to her original position.

On the way to having a child, Susan did not have no setbacks. When she was pregnant with the 17th child, her child died.Whenever I think of this child, Susan is particularly uncomfortable.

The eldest daughter of the family suggested that her mother not to regenerate, but Susan would listen to her. She was obsessed with the experience of having a child, and she enjoyed the process of pregnancy very much.Without accepting her suggestions, she can only stop. Her status at home is not high, she just cares about herself.

Whenever Susan is pregnant, her home will add a cart, but even so, she is very inconvenient every time she travels.Either push two and follow one.

Either push two and follow two or three.Either push two and follow a group.Every time she travels, she will receive the attention of other people. After all, their family travels, the goal is too big, it is difficult to cause others’ attention.

Some kind people, who saw Susan’s travel so difficult, also bought a two -layer hand -to -hand car for her.Looking at these two floors, Susan was also very happy.

The living expenses of the Susan family are also particularly large. In addition to the income from her husband’s open bakery, there are subsidies from the government.

Each child can receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan in the local area.Even so, the life of their family has to live well.If children are sick, they need to spend more expenses, they dare not be sloppy.

Susan is already a well -known "celebrity" in the local area. When it comes to Susan, the local woman worships her very much.

They all said that they should award a medal to Susan to encourage Susan’s outstanding contributions to British newborns.Susan quickly improved the birth rate of the local newborn, and her contribution was high.The Susan family often accepts interviews from some TV stations, which also brings her a lot of income.

Early in the morning, Susan and her husband get up early and prepare breakfast for their children. After all, the weight of these dozen people can not be prepared at once.Every time they need to prepare for more than two hours, she is physically and mentally exhausted every day.

Noisy let them have breakfast, and after sending them to school, Susan could get a trace of quiet.But even so, Susan couldn’t stop, Susan still needed to do hygiene, washing clothes, and organizing the house.Her washing machine has basically not stopped during the day, and the clothes and socks dried every day in the yard are an amazing number.

In Susan’s house, named the child has become a show of her house, and every time a newborn is coming.They will name them together.

To this end, Susan also bought a book named.There are too many children, and it is also difficult to get a name. I don’t know if Susan remember which child name is in his family.

At Susan’s house, birthday has become a commonplace.Either a child has a birthday in a few days, or a child has a birthday every month.

She is already very numb to this, but the children are particularly happy, because they can often eat cakes and delicious snacks, and they can receive gifts.

Susan lives in this noisy environment every day. Children in college in her house can avoid this environment because they have all moved out.But she still needs to stay in this environment.

The Susan family is a house with ten bedrooms. Even so, there are still a few people in each room. Only adults can live in a room alone.

I have to say that Susan has also made a great contribution to the cause of British children. She can share the output of ordinary ten families.

There are so many children, Susan is also particularly powerful. How can ordinary people enjoy the process of pregnancy so much?Nine pregnant women will say that the process of birth to children is not a pleasant experience.

Susan also said that she would always be born, and she was born until she could not be born. She must constantly break the record of her birth of a child.

Susan is really a good ability to have children. Where she is, having children is as simple as buying food in the market.Everyone else can give birth without birth. She is good, she is pregnant, and she can give birth.

Susan should still consider more for his body. Such a child who has been giving up is really bad for the body.For her own health considerations, she should also stop the impulse to have children, and should be able to stop.

After reading this story, do you feel that Susan is too powerful? It is as simple as the seeds of melon seeds. After so much, I do n’t know how tired.Everyone else lives old and old, but she lives to the old and grows old.

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