There are 4 benefits to replenish folic acid in pregnancy. Generally, you can supplement it for 3 months

Pregnancy is one of the important things in a woman’s life, and the child is the testimony and crystallization of the love of both husband and wife. Each family hopes that their children will be healthy and healthy after birth.For children’s health and stability during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers choose to eat folic acid.What is folic acid?What kind of effect does it have a bad impact of long -term eating?

Folic acid was first discovered in spinach, and it was also one of the main nutrients it contained.Generally speaking, the role of folic acid on pregnant women and fetuses can be divided into the following points:

1. Pregnant women who are eating folic acid after three months of pregnancy and three months after pregnancy can reduce the risk of physical and mental defects after the baby is born, such as lip and jaw cracks and certain heart defects.

2. Pregnant mothers who eat folic acid during pregnancy can largely prevent symptoms of anemia to a large extent.

3. Folic acid can prevent neural tube defects, also known as "neural tube malformations", including spine bifida and brainless children.

4. By the end of pregnancy and late pregnancy, in addition to the growth and development of the fetus, the blood capacity, breasts and placenta development of the mother’s body will increase the need for pregnant women and fetal fetus in the abdomen.If folic acid in the body is insufficient, pregnant women will prone to premature peeling, pregnancy hypertension syndrome, and giant red blood cell anemia.

There are so many benefits of folic acid. Do pregnant mothers need to eat folic acid during pregnancy?Medical perspective, pregnant women eat folic acid during pregnancy, and usually take three months of pregnancy for three months.However, there will be no disadvantages to continue eating folic acid in three months.If the physical condition is relatively stable and no longer need to be supplemented by the drug, you can stop eating folic acid.However, if you are weak or worried about the development of the fetus, you can also continue to supplement folic acid under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition to the supplement of folic acid, pregnant women and partner families should also pay attention to the following points:

1. In the first three months of pregnancy, sexual life is prohibited, and abortion and premature birth should be avoided.

2. Pregnant women should pay attention not to contact small animals, avoid disease after being caught by animals, and harmful substances such as pesticides to stay away.Television, computers, mobile phones and other radiation electronic products should be used less, and bad habits such as smoking and alcohol.

3. Pay attention to supplementing nutrition. The diet should be matched properly, and the nutrition is balanced.Pay attention to rest in early pregnancy to avoid strenuous exercise and overwork.

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