There are 4 manifestations of gestational diabetes. If you find one of them, find a doctor to help

In order to provide sufficient nutritional parts for the fetus during pregnancy, most expectant mothers will choose a high nutritional diet. If there are still some bad habits at this time, it is easy to cause gestational diabetes and threaten maternal health.Therefore, expectant mothers should pay special attention to that when these four symptoms have these four symptoms, they need to go to the hospital to check blood sugar in time without delay.

1. Have obvious hunger

During pregnancy, it is necessary to provide sufficient energy for the mother and fetus, and the increased appetite is normal.However, after eating for about an hour, you will feel obvious hunger, but your weight does not increase but decreases. You need to go to the hospital to detect blood sugar to eliminate the possibility of gestational diabetes.

2. Itching of the skin

Do not use medicine during pregnancy, and the reason should be found in time when the skin itching.If it itching the skin caused by mosquito bites or allergies, the symptoms will disappear in about two days.However, gestational diabetes can cause patients to itch the skin repeatedly, and even induce vulvar itching.

3. Thirst and frequent urination

During pregnancy, I did n’t do severe exercise and did n’t eat high -salt diet, but I always felt that my thirst was dry. Even after drinking water, I could n’t quench my thirst.If the thirst is also accompanied by frequent urination, the night is frequent at night, and you must be alert to gestational diabetes.

4, fatigue and dizziness

I got enough sleep during pregnancy, but I also felt exhausted throughout the body. No spirit may be diabetes.There is always an inexplicable dizziness during pregnancy. It may be caused by hypoglycemia. Go to the hospital to find out the real reason in time.

Patients with gestational diabetes should scientifically and reasonably arrange staple food and non -staple food during pregnancy to match the thickness and vegetarian and vegetarian food. Pay attention to obtain carbohydrates and calories from the staple food, and cannot completely refuse the staple food.Eat more foods rich in dietary fiber and coarse grains, and mostly supplement protein for the body.If you cannot control blood sugar by diet, you should choose insulin under the guidance of a doctor to control blood sugar.Strictly control your diet, regularly go to the hospital for examination, closely monitor blood sugar changes, and timely adjust the amount of insulin to prevent the disease from worsening, so as not to bring serious consequences.

Kind tips

During pregnancy, you should control your diet reasonably, and mainly limits potato food, white rice and white noodles.Do not eat foods with high sugar, such as drinking ice cream chocolate.Eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins. In addition, it is necessary to replenish high -quality protein, such as egg milk and fish, and eat more grains and soy products.

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