There are many benefits of yam, eat more in spring

When it comes to the best food in spring, everyone will definitely think of buds or other green vegetables immediately.

Vegetables, "sparse also", helps us unblock the aircraft in spring, the vegetables are evergreen and green, and the green corresponds to the liver.

However, there is also a focus of health in spring: nourishing the spleen.

In the spring of liver qi, it is when the function of lift is strong, and it is also the time when the spleen is susceptible to injury.

Because the relationship between the liver and the spleen, one strong and the other is weak, that is, wooden soil, the spleen is prone to problems, such as indigestion, bloated stomach, shaking face, and not smooth.

When it comes to nourishing the spleen and stomach, I have to mention the great god of yam.

Yam is a kind of food that is very suitable for flattening the body, fresh yam, winter and spring.Ping the kidney essence, stabilize the spleen and kidney "old bottom".

Today’s fresh yam, soft and glutinous, sweet taste, the peak energy of harvesting yam.

"Shennong Materia Medica" is listed as the top grade, which can be eaten frequently. It records: Yam "supplement, nourish qi, long muscles, and be smart for a long time."

One thing that is very good in yam is that you don’t have to worry about eating wrong, just like eating rice and wheat, but you can make up for it.

It has a lot of delicate taste. It is steamed directly to eat healthy staple food. It is sweet and moisturized by rice paste, crispy and refreshing, cooked porridge is sweet and soft, or made into cakes and desserts. It has its own good taste.

I have seen a strong recipe before, which is extremely simple. The yam 100g and longan meat are 3-5 and then cook in the pot for 20 minutes. The yam after being cooked can also be eaten, and it is not wasted at all.

Yam to make pulp/meter paste

Use a soymilk machine to take yam: 1 yam+half a bag of coconut powder is coconut yam juice. My favorite drink (no sugar) in a well -known vegetarian restaurant in Beijing, healthy, comfortable and practical.

The remaining yam and Xiaomi, yam and red dates, yam and red beans are delicious. You can try more, surprise!

Yam pot soup and drink

Yam corn soup

Of course, one of my favorite is yam corn soup. As long as you cook for more than 20 minutes, the soup will become milky white, which is particularly fragrant.

Yam Herry Head Mushroom Soup

A warm -stomach soup with the main mushrooms and yam is also a simple but delicious soup, revealing the bright warmth in the simple and non -Huahua.

Yam made a healthy pastry/baby supplementary food

The sweetness of jujube mud nourishes blood, and yam nourishes yin and spleen.

Little fire is fried until slightly yellow, the aroma is overflowing, the health is simple, and the 0 failed meal is suitable for all ages. If you make supplementary food for your baby, you can remove the skin, more delicate and delicious, perfect food, snacks, breakfast, and so on.

Yam purple potato cake

Yam can strengthen the spleen and stomach, and nourish the lungs, which can improve people’s immunity.

Purple potato contains a large amount of anthocyanins and β -carotene, which is anti -oxidation and beauty, suitable for girls. As for the taste, it will be used to experience the soft and rice fragrance

Yam stir -fried

Yamfa fried walnut kernels

This dish is very suitable for cooking at home, and there are very few seasonings. Just a little sugar, a little salt.A very healthy feeling is in it!

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