There are no children in the six years of marriage, but the divorce is pregnant for two months, and the woman immediately came to find her ex -husband to remarry


Regardless of the family’s opposition, the man was married to his 27 -year -old girlfriend. Six years later, the man proposed a divorce. Although the woman was unwilling to do the formalities with the man.But who thought, two months later, the woman found that she was pregnant and asked for remarry, but she was driven out by her mother -in -law: "The child is not my son."

That morning, Zhu Jun rushed to his ex -husband Huang Yong’s house when he got out of the train.

As soon as he entered the door, Zhu Jun did not see Huang Yong, but instead the door opened by his former mother -in -law Li Qiuling.

"What are you doing?" Li Qiuling was gloomy and blocked the door with her hands.

"I’m pregnant, I come to Huang Yong to talk about remarriage." Zhu Jun opened the door to see the mountain.

"You are pregnant, what does it have to do with my son? You have been divorced for two months."

"Besides, who the child in your stomach may be?" Li Qiuling looked scornful.

33 -year -old Zhu Jun listened to Li Qiuling’s words, and was annoyed and aggrieved. She said, "The child is Huang Yong, and she can do parent -child identification, but Huang Yong must be responsible."

Li Qiuling listened, and turned into the house without saying a word. After a while, she had an extra pregnancy test stick in her hand: "You can test it now, if you are pregnant, let’s talk about it."

"I don’t go." Zhu Jun refused directly.

Li Qiuling, who was rejected, lost patience. As she pushed Zhu Jun vigorously, she said, "You woman, you are divorced and come to my house. Don’t come to entangle my son again."

So, what is the past between Zhu Jun and Huang Yong?Is Zhu Jun who is pregnant?

Zhu Jun and Huang Yong met in the south.

Huang Yong was so thick, and he was relatively refreshing. Zhu Jun fell in love with him at first sight.

It is said that the female chasing the male partitioned veil is not fake at all. Huang Yong quickly determined Zhu Jun and brought her back to his hometown to see his parents.

However, this relationship was opposed by her mother Li Qiuling: "Son, this girl is too strong, it is difficult to be happy with her."

"Mom, the two of us are complementary and feelings, so I think of her." Huang Yong responded.

Seeing this, Li Qiuling had to agree to the marriage, and later the two got married under the blessings of both parents.

Originally, Zhu Jun thought that he could accompany Huang Yong for a lifetime. Who knows, just six years have passed, Huang Yong proposed a divorce.

At first Zhu Jun did not agree with the divorce. Later, when she saw everything irreparable, she agreed to Zhu Jun’s request and went through the divorce procedures in the relevant departments.

After everything was done, Zhu Jun took the train to the south because she was going to make money to support herself.

At noon that day, Zhu Jun, who was busy in the morning, ate lunch and fell asleep on the table. After waking up, she knew that she had passed the lunch break.

In the next few days, Zhu Jun was like this. The familiar colleagues couldn’t help reminding her: "Junjun, are you pregnant? Why are you so sleepy and hungry?"

"Ah, it’s impossible." Zhu Jun was incredible.

However, when I got off work that night, Zhu Jun still bought a pregnancy test stick, and the results showed two bars.

Zhu Jun looked at the two red seals, and she was very complicated. On the one hand, she longed for a child who belonged to her own. On the other hand, she divorced Huang Yonggang. The child came, and it was really awkward.

After thinking about it again, Zhu Jun called Huang Yong, but no one answered the phone. Helplessly Zhu Jun decided to return to his hometown to find Huang Yong remarried.

Who knows, there is a scene at the beginning.

So, now that Zhu Jun is pregnant, why not be accepted by her mother -in -law?

Li Qiuling said that although she was not optimistic about Zhu Jun before, since her son and Zhu Jun were married, she kept treating Zhu Jun as a daughter -in -law.

It’s just that Zhu Jun’s personality is too strong.

Once, Zhu Jun and Huang Yong had a dispute, and Li Qiuling persuaded. Who knew that Zhu Jun not only did not listen to persuasion, but ran out and said he wanted to find short opinions.

Li Qiuling was afraid that Zhu Jun really did a stupid thing and followed her all the way.

But whoever thought, Zhu Jun pointed at Li Qiuling’s nose and scolded. After the scolding, Zhu Jun ran home again, went straight to the kitchen and took a kitchen knife to Huang Yong. "I fight with you today."

Li Qiuling quickly grabbed Zhu Jun, and Huang Yong took the knife in her hand.

But since then, Li Qiuling was completely disappointed with Zhu Jun.

So, is it really like Li Qiuling said?What is the attitude of ex -husband Huang Yong?

After communication, Huang Yong finally agreed to meet Zhu Jun.

Huang Yong bluntly stated that he had long wanted to divorce Zhu Jun, but because of Zhu Jun’s personality, he was afraid that Zhu Jun would do stupid things, so he kept standing.

It turned out that in the six years when the two were together, Zhu Jun cut his wrist and took medicine to skip the car.

Later, Huang Yong found that Zhu Jun not only had contradictions with himself, but also did not respect his mother at all, and he was determined to divorce.

Faced with accusations, Zhu Jun did not justify himself, and always lowered his head and didn’t speak.

After a moment, Zhu Jun choked and said, "I’m pregnant, let’s remarry."

"Who are your children?" Huang Yong asked.

"It’s not yours, who else can it be?" Zhu Junqiang endured tears.

"You go to test, let’s talk about it." Li Qiuling threw a pregnancy test stick to Zhu Jun.

"I don’t go." Zhu Jun refused again.

"You dare not test it just to have ghosts in your heart. What do you come back to make trouble?" Li Qiuling said.

In Li Qiuling’s view, Zhu Jun was not pregnant at all, but had another purpose.

So why did Zhu Jun insist so much?

Zhu Jun said that she and Huang Yong have been married for six years and lived with this family for six years. Even if they divorce now, they have deep feelings. If they do not even have the most basic trust in each other, she feels like it is.A kind of insult.

"Whatever you say, you will say it." Huang Yong also supported his mother.

Until then, Zhu Jun understood it at all, and she had to go to the bathroom with a pregnancy test stick.

Who knew that after the door of the bathroom was closed, Zhu Jun cried loudly in it.

After hearing the movement of Huang Yong and Li Qiuling, there was no reaction. After a while, the cry stopped, and Zhu Jun walked out of the bathroom.

"Give, look at it."

"Two bars are indeed pregnant." Li Qiuling said.

Without waiting for Zhu Jun to speak, Li Qiuling went on to say, "I tell you, even if you are pregnant, you can not remarry. Also, this child cannot be asked because my son is sick.It may be unhealthy. "

After that, Li Qiuling took out a diagnostic book, and the diagnosis above was exactly the same as what she said.

"He is the child’s father, and he has to be responsible for the child." Zhu Jun’s attitude suddenly touched.

"This is our family. You, you, have divorced my son for two months, and came to our house to play, and you give me out." Li Qiuling said angrily.

Huang Yong looked quietly at the quarrel between the two women, never saying a word.

In the end, everyone was unhappy.

So, what should the children in Zhu Jun’s belly do now?

The next day, Zhu Jun came to the hospital for examination alone. The doctor told him that the fetus is currently healthy, but the incidence rate is 20%higher than the ordinary fetus. If you want to keep the child, pay more attention to maintenance and check on time.

The doctor’s words caused Zhu Jun to be meditated.

The next day, for the child, Zhu Jun found his ex -husband Huang Yong again. She still hoped that Huang Yongneng would remarry with her, and the two gave the child a complete home together.

Who knows, after Huang Yong, who was still sleeping in the day, was awakened by Zhu Jun, said, "You are so annoying, we must be impossible."

Until then, Zhu Jun couldn’t help but take out the photos in the phone. The photo was a young woman wearing a relatively cool woman, and these photos were found in Huang Yong’s QQ.

"You said, have you been good with this woman?"

"What’s the matter with you." Huang Yong said, covering his head with a quilt.

After Li Qiuling heard the movement, she ran out again, and she launched Zhu Jun for a few times.

After coming out of her ex -husband’s house, Zhu Jun walked aimlessly on the street alone. She cried while walking, and threw the fetal medicines on the back of the bag when she was tired.

However, after the emotional stability, Zhu Jun had to face reality, and finally she decided to give birth to the child.

Trust is the basis of communication between people, and the cornerstone of family happiness.

But Zhu Jun in the story was not trusted by his family members, and they were even full of doubt about Zhu Jun.

This suspicion not only completely cut off the feelings of six years, but also insulted Zhu Jun.

However, in any case, Zhu Jun was pregnant. For the small life in her belly, Huang Yong and Li Qiuling should sit down and communicate well to negotiate to solve the problem together.

Good couples are trusting and understanding each other.

Good couples respect each other and tolerate each other.

Instead of getting a temper or doing stupid things when you encounter a problem.

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