There are these pains during pregnancy, suggesting that the baby develops very well, but the pregnant mother has to work hard

Pregnancy and having children are the most unique experience in each woman’s life. From the joy of early pregnancy to the hardships of the late pregnancy, each Baoma spent carefully and worried about the growth and development of the baby.In fact, most Baoma encounters the normal reaction during pregnancy. The pregnant mother has these pains during pregnancy, indicating that the fetus is very good, but the pregnant mother must be hard.

1. Breast pain

In the early pregnancy, most Baoma would feel breast pain and accompanied by the darker of the nipples. This is caused by hormones in the body after pregnancy. Moms do not have to panic.

After pregnancy, the hormone in pregnant women will increase to stimulate breast development to better nurture babies. Breast development usually shows the expansion of breast blood vessels, which will bring a slight pain to the mothers.

Of course, most breast tenderness will disappear in the middle of pregnancy, and only a small number of Baoma will continue until late pregnancy.If the mothers have breast pain during pregnancy, they must wear loose underwear, and they can also effectively alleviate the bloating and pain in cold compresses or massage.

2. Back pain

Many Baoma will have back pain after the second trimester, which is also very normal. As the baby grows up slowly, this will cause a certain pressure on the pregnant mother’s lumbar spine.The most prone to backache back pain, lack of sleep, irregular work and rest will aggravate symptoms.

If back pain after pregnancy, the mothers should try to lie on their left and right sides to ensure sufficient sleep.

Third, pubic pain

When it comes to pubic bone, many treasure mothers may not know why pregnancy is painful?

From the perspective of women’s physiological structure, the pubic bone is the two bones in front of the pelvic bone, located in the front and lower part of the hip bone. The two pubic bones are mainly connected by ligaments and fiber tissues.During the period, pubic pain is a normal physiological phenomenon.

As we all know, women in the body will change after pregnancy. Under the influence of progesterone, pubic bone will change, and the pubic bone combination becomes relaxed. This is prepared for the baby’s growing up.

As the baby’s volume increases slowly, the pubic bone federation will bear more pressure, and almost every Baoma will have pubic pain in the second trimester. This is a very normal phenomenon. Moms should not worry too much.

Fourth, pelvic pain

Women during pregnancy are more likely to have pelvic pain in the second and second trimester. This is the larger and larger size of the fetus, and the pain caused by the greater pressure on the pelvis. Most women will disappear after the production of pelvic pain.A few women will disappear naturally within a few months of production.

If the mothers have pelvic pain in the third and third trimester, they must pay attention to resting in bed, minimize out -out activities, and avoid long -term standing and sitting to avoid more serious damage to the pelvis.

Try to reduce the stairs as much as possible, choose to take the elevator to travel. If you can’t avoid walking the stairs, when you go up the stairs, try to step as much as possible, try to take the slope as little as possible to reduce the pelvic pressure.

Breast pain, back pain, back pain, share pain, pelvic pain, and pelvic pain are normal phenomena. Almost women in each pregnancy will experience it. Don’t be afraid of these pains in the newbies. This means that the baby is in the baby inMom’s belly is developing well, and keeping a relaxed mood is more beneficial to the baby’s growth and development.

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