There are three changes in women’s bodies, indicating that I am pregnant, don’t know it stupidly anymore

During this time, Ali’s appetite has increased a lot, and the number of urination at night has also increased a lot. After her husband noticed these abnormalities, she told Ali whether you were pregnant.The answer is impossible, isn’t our contraceptive measures always doing it?In order to make themselves more assured, the two people bought the test strip to confirm. The results showed that they were two red bars. Her husband took Ali to the hospital for examination. Ali was pregnant.In life, there are indeed many such situations. Many women have become pregnant themselves, and they are not aware. In the end, they were seen by the people around them. They knew it in the end.

In fact, after women are pregnant, they often have these changes in their bodies. As long as they pay attention to it, they will be discovered.

1. Walking treatment

I heard a mother -in -law said before that when I was with my friends, my friends found that their walking posture was different from before, so I felt like she was pregnant. At that timeIt was impossible to get pregnant, but it was pregnant to go to the hospital for examination.After a woman is pregnant, a series of changes will happen, especially in terms of hormones.I feel, so walking posture will make people know about women’s pregnancy information.

Second, increase appetite

In life, there are also many such mothers who do n’t know after they are pregnant. They are only discovered when they eat. After the mother is pregnant, the development of the baby needs a lot of nutrition. These nutrients come from the food that the mother eats. ThereforeThe nutrition needed by the mother’s body has also greatly increased. Therefore, the appetite of the mother will greatly increase. Some women may feel that they are too hungry, so they eat too much and do n’t think too much. In fact, this kind ofThe situation is often the first people around them.

Third, the skin color change

There are many pregnant mothers react. After pregnancy, the skin tone will change a lot. Some pregnant mothers suddenly become yellow, look very embarrassed, and have acne on their faces.Moisturizing, it looks much better than before. These are because of the impact of hormones in the body. Therefore, some changes in the skin of pregnant mothers will also change. Some pregnant mothers do not have these changes.First notice this change.

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