There are three signals in pregnancy.

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After pregnancy, the appetite of pregnant mothers is very picky, and some pregnant mothers have too much response to the pregnancy, which causes to eat food and want to vomit everything.This phenomenon is generally hungry in the early days of pregnancy, that is, after 2 months of pregnancy.

After most pregnant women have passed this stage, they will become particularly able to eat. This is why some pregnant women have grown rapidly during pregnancy, which is fatter than before pregnancy. After all, there is a baby in the stomach.Therefore, in order to ensure the baby’s development, many pregnant mothers will eat a lot, and they are particularly nutritious.

However, there are also some pregnant women who dare not eat more, not to say that for the figure, but some pregnant women feel that eating too much will be very difficult to give birth when having children. In fact, it also makes sense.Then the body becomes not flexible, and it will be particularly bulky.

But pregnant mothers don’t feel that they do n’t eat because they are afraid of being difficult to give birth. This is not enough. The main thing is to eat more in the morning, because the metabolism in the body is strong, and the nutrition is more nutritious at noon. In the eveningBecause the digestive ability is too weak, you can eat less in moderation and eat more fruits and vegetables.

It is not that you will get fat as soon as you eat. If you send these three signals during pregnancy, it proves that the baby is growing. At this time, the pregnant mother will not get fat.

One: I often go to the toilet

Generally, at 2 months of pregnancy, the fetus has reached a period of rapid development, and many pregnant mothers go to the toilet to urinate gradually, and there will be urgency. Many pregnant mothers can feel it.Obviously I don’t have so much water, but I always want to go to the toilet.

This is mainly because the rapid development of the fetus compresss the bladder of the pregnant mother, so the bladder is stimulated, so it is prone to emergency urgency and frequent urination. At this time, the pregnant mother is infertile. This is a normal phenomenon.At this time, pregnant mothers will not get fat if they eat more.

Two: Tiring stairs are tired

After the pregnant mother is 6 months pregnant, the fetus will be in a stage of rapid development at this time, and the mother’s belly will be particularly large, so the burden on the pregnant mother will become very large, and the pressure of the uterus will be very large.The whole body is inconvenient to start activity, so it is a normal phenomenon that the pregnant mother will not be able to walk or climb the stairs. This is a normal phenomenon. The pregnant mother does not have to worry about it. At this stage, it will not get fat.

Three: legs and feet began to swell

The phenomenon of puffiness on legs and feet is mainly due to the late pregnancy, and it is also the last period of the fetus’s last rapid development. At this time, the fetus is basically developed, so the body burden of the pregnant mother will become very heavy.To be tired, feel tired, and also swollen hands and feet. These situations are caused by the complete development of the fetus. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry about it, and they will not get fat if they eat more.

If the body of the pregnant mother has issued these three signals, you can eat more. Don’t worry about getting fat. So what should pregnant mothers eat in these fast and long stages of the fetus to supplement nutrition?

One: Add calcium

Many pregnant mothers are prone to calcium deficiency during pregnancy, causing the calfs of the calves. At this time, the appropriate amount of calcium should be supplemented, because fetal development also requires a certain amount of calcium substances.

Two: Supplement protein

In the long run, you can eat more eggs and drink more milk. These foods are rich in protein. If you don’t like to eat, you can eat more shrimp or fish.

3: Eat more fruits and vegetables

Pregnant mothers are prone to constipation during pregnancy, so eating more fruits and vegetables is to promote digestion, and there are many vitamins in fruits and vegetables, which are particularly nutritious.

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