These 4 cases are not visits, and it is likely to be pregnant. Women must know

During the pregnancy, the husband and wife are most concerned about the same room. After the same room, the small tadpoles swim in women’s body.After the same room, the first thing many young couples is to be able to take out the pregnancy test stick and test the results of their own people.But after the same room, the results could not be detected.Many pregnant couples can’t help asking, how long can I detect it after the same room?

Under normal circumstances, it can only be detected one week after pregnancy, and the shorter the time to the same room, the more inaccurate the results are detected, the longer the time, the more accurate the result.Because the criterion for judging whether women are conceived are based on the concentration of human velvet gonad hormones. After women conceive, the level of human velvet gonad hormone in the body will increase.However, its concentration changes require a process. Therefore, the detection of the results of the conception also requires a certain time. In general, women can ensure the accuracy of the detection after 10 days of conception.

In addition to testing the pregnancy test and early pregnancy test strip, you can also perceive yourself through the obvious changes in the body.

one.Auntie stopped visiting

One of the most obvious reactions after the success of pregnancy is that regular menstruation stops the tide.Some women’s menstruation is irregular. Under normal circumstances, it is normal to be advanced or delayed for about a week. If the aunt has not visited for more than ten days, women can initially determine pregnancy.However, the expectant mothers during pregnancy should be reminded that even if the pregnancy is successful, the vagina will have a small amount of bleeding before and after the holiday.Therefore, if women are abnormal after conception, it is best to go to the hospital for accurate examination.

two.Increase vaginal secretions

Many women will obviously feel that the vaginal discharge will increase after pregnancy, and sometimes even feel that the underwear is always wet.Because once women are pregnant, the level of hormone in the body will change significantly, resulting in an increase in vaginal secretions.Therefore, after women conceive, they should wear pants with good breathability and elasticity, and pay attention to the cleaning of the vagina.

three.An important change in breast swelling and successful pregnancy is the breast pain of pregnant mothers. I used to wear fit clothes. Now I feel a little tight and feel aggrieved. These are normal phenomena in the early days of conception.If the pregnant mother really feels breast tenderness, you can alleviate breast discomfort through hot compresses and massage methods, and choose to fit soft and comfortable underwear.

Four.Thomy and fatigue, many pregnant mothers will experience sleepiness and weakness after pregnancy. This is a normal phenomenon in the early stages of pregnancy, which is caused by the sharp increase in progesterone in the body.At this time, expectant mothers should not drink coffee anymore, it is easy to hurt the fetus in the belly.

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