These 4 kinds of discomfort during pregnancy are the phenomenon of children’s healthy development. Pregnant mothers see how many of you have won you

After pregnancy, many mothers have a pregnancy reaction, and they will have different degrees of discomfort in their bodies.These discomfort will directly affect the life of pregnant mothers, so the mood of pregnant mothers will become bad, and they will worry about whether the child is wrong.This is actually very bad!If the mother of Baoma finds these three cases during pregnancy, then the pregnant mother should relax. In fact, the child is in the belly and develops very well!

1. Frequent urination.

After pregnancy, many Baoma found that she would have symptoms of frequent urination.In fact, this is a very healthy phenomenon. Because there is a small life in the stomach, the weight of this small life itself, so it will let the pregnant mother pour the whole body, and then it will overwhelm the bladder, causing the pregnant mother to always want to go to the toilet.And the pregnant mother is an excretion of two people at this time at this time, and the frequency will definitely be higher, relax, and wait for the child’s birth!

2. Sore body.

Because of the small life in the abdomen, the spine of the pregnant mother will be affected, and there is also the secretion of hormones during pregnancy, which causes the joints to soften and the pelvis is loose.Therefore, if the pregnant mother finds that she has this situation, they must control their own diet. Don’t be too obese and increase the pressure on the body!

3. Breast bloating.

Everyone knows that during pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body will have a lot of progesterone and estrogen.These progesterone estrogen can make breasts grow. At the same time, because of progesterone and estrogen, pregnant mothers’ breasts will begin to secrete milk, and they will also be accompanied by a slight soreness.But for the children to drink milk in the future, pregnant mothers can bear it!

4. Decreased appetite.

I remember when I was pregnant, what to eat and vomited, and the pregnancy response was particularly powerful.My husband is a doctor of thoracic surgery. He often discusses surgery, human organs and other things.So when I heard this, I felt nauseous and couldn’t eat anything at all.Even more exaggerated, seeing sheep blood feels nauseous.In fact, these are normal reactions, but pregnant mothers should not refuse to eat because they have no appetite. This will not only be bad for the mother, but also not good for the fetus.Therefore, for the health of the child, pregnant mothers should ensure that they have a normal diet a day without lack of nutrition.There are also no garbage foods. The pregnant mothers I saw before still have spicy bars. This is determined!

After pregnancy, the body will change a little, which is normal.What Baoma has to do is to ensure that her schedule is normal and not too tired, but she ca n’t lie on the bed for 24 hours. It is appropriate to move and bones, so that she will not be too painful during childbirth.Also pay attention to diet, avoid spicy stimuli.Finally, I hope that all pregnant mothers can spend these 10 months in peace.

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