These 4 types of bean products have doubled nutrition!

Tofu brain, bamboo, thousands of pieces, bean sauce, milk milk … When thinking of these soy products, many people can’t help drooling.We know that the nutritional value of soybeans is very high, so is these soybean products processed from soybeans are also "healthy foods"?

4 category bean products

Double nutritional nutrition

These soy products are made of soybean products such as grinding, filtering, boiling, fermentation and other processes. It has retained the nutrients of soybeans itself to a greater extent, and even increased new nutrients, which also increased the absorption rate.

1 soy milk

The human body’s digestion and absorption of soybean protein is only about 65%. After polishing into soy milk, its cell wall will be damaged. The utilization rate can be increased to 84.9%, which is more conducive to human body absorption.

And when making soy milk, you can add some nuts, red dates, yam, barley, etc. according to your needs.It is recommended to drink about 300ml of soy milk every day.

2 tofu

The digestion and absorption of protein in tofu can reach more than 90%.In addition, combining tofu with meat and eggs can be matched together, which can supplement the eggine and improve the nutritional utilization rate of tofu protein.

The well -known medical journal "JAMA" "Jama Internal Medicine" has published an article on long -term health on different sources of protein on long -term health.The results showed that compared with animal protein, each daily intake of plant protein accounted for every 3%increase, and the risk of premature death was reduced by 10%.

Note: Compared with bulk tofu, experts also recommend that you buy boxes of tofu. After sterilization, diet is safer.And the tofu you bought must be eaten as soon as possible to avoid spoiled for a long time.According to the advice of the dietary guide, it is advisable to consume about 40g of soybeans daily. It is equivalent to about 175 grams of lectone or 150g southern tofu or 75 grams of north tofu.

3 tempeh

After the soybeans are fermented, it will produce a substance called tempeh fibrobine. It can help dissolve thrombus and protect blood vessels to a certain extent, and it has a good regulating effect on the three highs.

4 milk

Filtering is known as "Chinese cheese" because it has similar nutrition and texture to cheese.Being bean curd is a pickled fermentation, which will generate vitamin B12, which can help prevent malignant anemia. Red milk is often added with red songs to promote blood blood stasis and strengthen the spleen.Note: The salt content and purine quantity of bean curd are generally high. It can be used as a side dish for porridge or replacing some salt to cook; it can also be wiped on the steamed buns.However, it must control the amount of consumption. Patients with hypertension, gout, and kidney disease should eat less.

In addition to these healthy soy products, there are also some common "soy products" in life that do not contain beans. Don’t mistake them as nutritious and healthy soy products!

These "soy products"

In fact, no beans

1 fish tofu

Fish tofu is the "frequent visitor" in hot pot, spicy and spicy, and spicy pot. It has both the taste of fish and the taste of tofu.Although it is called "tofu", the ingredients are mainly fish paste. The ingredients are starch, sugar, salt, oil, and soybeans only occupy a small part.The content of fish and beans in most fish and tofu in the market is very small. In addition, it contains high sugar, salt and oil. Regular consumption may increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

2,000 pages of tofu

Thousand pages of tofu is a soy product that many people like, but it is not made of tofu, but is based on soybean separation protein, starch, and edible oil as the main raw material.Compared with traditional soybean products, its calcium and soybean phospholipid content is very low, and it may also add a lot of oil and salt, which is also not good for health.

3 Japanese tofu

This tofu mouth is lubricated and diverse, and it has become a new favorite on the table.Looking at its ingredients, it is mainly composed of eggs, water and salt, and it does not contain soybeans at all.Because of its high salt content, people with high blood pressure should be eaten as little as possible.

4 Almond tofu

Almond tofu is liked by many people. In addition to the taste of tofu, it also has the fragrance of almonds.In fact, there are no soybeans in the commercially available almond tofu. It is mainly made of almonds, sugar, fresh milk or milk. Although the protein content is similar to the real tofu, the sugar is high.Patients with hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are best to eat less.

In addition to these "camouflages", there are some soy products, although they contain beans, are made of soy milk, tofu, etc., and have a few more procedures, which not only lost more nutrition, but also increased a lot of fat.

These soybean products

There are many nutritional loss, and the fat is exceeded

①100 grams of oil bean skin = 2 bowls of rice.Tofu will carry too much oil during the fried process, and the calories will naturally increase significantly.

②100 grams of bean foam = 3 bowls of rice.Bean soy bean foam is also fried food, because it is hollow in the middle, it is easier to absorb oil.③ 100 grams of rotten bamboo = 4 bowls of rice.Bamboo is heated soymilk. It is stated for a while and a layer of film formed on it.Although the protein content is high, the fat content is not low.

Finally, I also want to remind everyone that soy products are actually better to eat with some dishes, and the nutrition is doubled.Like meat with meat, it plays a role in "protein complementarity" and increases the absorption rate of protein; matches with vegetables such as radish, can also reduce flatulence reactions due to eating soy products … (CCTV goes home to eat)

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