These 6 phenomena appear in the body of pregnant women, which may be the "help signal" issued by the fetus!

In the process of breeding baby, expectant mothers are both hopeful and lurking in many dangers. Giveing a healthy baby is the biggest wish of prospective mother.

Experts point out that the fetus cannot be seen across the belly, but in fact, the fetus may issue a "help signal" when they feel unwell. When receiving these signalsImpact.Let ’s see which situation may be the“ help signal ”sent by the baby.

1. vaginal bleeding

The causes of vaginal bleeding in different periods are different:

1. When fertilizing eggs in the early pregnancy, a certain stimulation of the endometrium can cause a slight bleeding of the point -like bleeding, which is normal.But may also be abortion, ectopic pregnancy, etc.

2. Vaginal bleeding in the middle of pregnancy may be incomplete cervical function, hydatidal tires, and threatened abortion.

3. Vaginal bleeding in the late pregnancy must be alert to the premium placenta, early stripping of placenta, premature birth, etc.

2. Abdominal pain

From constipation to round ligament pain, there are some common reasons that cause benign stomach pain and pregnancy pain.If the pain you are experiencing continues, or if you have symptoms of bleeding or severe cramps, you have to go to the doctor. It may be anotonic pregnancy, abortion, premature birth, premature placental peeling, early eclampsia, urinary tract infection, appendicitis, appendicitis, appendicitis, appendicitisCaused by gallstones and so on.

Third, abnormal fetal movement

The number of fetal movements at 28 weeks of pregnancy is about 30-40 times within 12 hours.The baby has its own sleep law, so there is a certain change in the strength of the day and night in the day and night in the day and night. The number of times in the morning is small in the morning, the increase after 6 pm, and the fetal movement at 8-11 in the evening is the most active.

If the prospective mummy is found within 12 hours, the fetal movement is less than 20 times, or the fetal movement within 1 hour is less than 3 times, which often means that the fetus may have hypoxia and need to check the fetal condition in time.

Four, headache

A headache will occur in the early pregnancy, and blood pressure should be measured on a regular basis.With the increase of pregnancy, some swelling may occur.

By the end of pregnancy or in the third trimester, the sudden headache was suddenly very severe, or the hands and faces were strangely swollen without falling back. You need to go to the hospital immediately and ask the doctor to diagnose and treat.

This phenomenon is likely to be a precursor of pregnancy eclacity (that is, hypertension with hypertension, which is often referred to as pregnancy hypertension).Please seek medical treatment in time when there are blurred sight.

Five, dry mouth, increase urine increase

When having dry mouth, large urination, large amount (different from the frequent urination, large amount of urine, large quantity), fatigue and other symptoms, you must be careful of diabetes during pregnancy.

Diabetes during pregnancy refers to a woman with normal blood glucose levels before pregnancy (starting around 24 weeks of pregnancy). Due to a large amount of hormones secreted by placenta, it causes abnormal insulin tolerance and causes abnormal blood sugar levels.Diabetes during pregnancy are very common during pregnancy, and the consequences are very serious if you do not pay attention.

Six, itching of the skin

When you find itching of the skin during pregnancy, you must go to the hospital for consultation, check whether the bile acidity and liver function are determined, and whether there is a condition of bile stasis.If the condition is serious, it is necessary to treat it through drugs, and may even terminate pregnancy.

In addition to the above small "signal", you need to pay attention to accidents. What else do you need to pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Do not lose weight, not overweight

If pregnant mothers lose weight by diet or partial eclipse, the fetus may not be able to obtain balanced nutrition.In addition, when the mother’s resistance is not good, it is easy to catch a cold, which will indirectly affect the baby’s health.

The best way is to control weight in the ideal standard before pregnancy.Pregnant mothers who are too heavy during pregnancy should pay special attention to diet adjustment, eat less high -calorie, high -fat foods, and eat more vegetables and fruits to avoid weight gain too fast.Once the weight is overweight, it is easy to cause complications such as hypertension and gestational diabetes. It is recommended that pregnant mothers consult a professional nutritionist.

2. Appropriate exercise during pregnancy

Appropriate exercise or activity during pregnancy can increase the cardiopulmonary function and muscle endurance of pregnant mothers, whether it is very good for the fetus or pregnant mothers.There is no special disease problem, it is best to arrange sports that are suitable for you every day, such as walking, gymnastics, etc., you can also find special coaches to help. Pregnant mothers can also conduct yoga, dance and other projects.

3. Avoid excessive fatigue

If you are too tired in the early stages of pregnancy, you may cause symptoms such as bleeding and miscarriage. If you are too tired in the middle and late pregnancy, you may have problems such as too light weight, premature birth, and mothers’ physical discomfort.

4. Happy mood is important

Mother is emotional, her heartbeat will speed up, blood flow will change, and the fetus in the abdomen will indirectly feel the mothers’ emotional changes.

5. No tobacco and alcohol, eat fruit appropriately

Tobacco and alcohol are a taboo for pregnant mothers.Excessive inhaling cigarettes may cause too light weight, premature birth, and fetal dysentery.Excessive alcohol may cause fetal growth, abnormalities in the central nervous system, and malformations.

Constipation is the problem that most pregnant mothers encounter.In order to alleviate the trouble of constipation, pregnant mothers must do: take enough fruits and vegetables and water daily during pregnancy; maintain appropriate activities to increase gastrointestinal motility and promote digestion.When constipation is very serious, you must ask the doctor to give appropriate medicines. Do not take laxatives yourself.Attention should also be paid to prevent premature danger.

6. Appropriate wear

When you are pregnant for about 4 to 5 months, you should prepare to replace it with a more suitable pregnant mothers to avoid too tight clothes to cause physical discomfort or inconvenience.

Most of the pregnant mothers are prone to sweating. It is best to choose sweat -absorbing and breathable materials; the pregnant mother’s underwear has to change with her body.It is best to wear low heels, and it is not advisable to wear high heels.

7. Regular checkup

Regular check -up is the most basic and most important rules for pregnancy. Through each birth check, pregnant mothers can better understand the changes and precautions of the fetus.Through the regular check -up, the doctor has the opportunity to find abnormal problems early, so that pregnant mothers can live in October with peace of mind and safely.

8. Life law

Staying up late will cause people to decrease in resistance, poor physical strength, and poor skin. Pregnant mothers must have a healthy body to bred healthy babies.Pregnant mothers should maintain good habits such as sufficient sleep, not staying up late, and balanced diet. This can also avoid trouble such as insomnia and headache.

9. Pay attention to fetal movement

Pregnant mothers can feel fetal movement from 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. If the number of pregnant mothers find that the baby’s fetal movement is significantly reduced, or the fetal movement is stopped for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to the fetal problem, and they should go to the hospital immediately for examination.

Experts remind: In order to health for expectant mothers and babies, they must be inspected on time and regularly, and they will be solved early as early as possible. I hope that every expectant mother will have a safe and happy pregnancy experience.Article Source: Zhuzhou Central Hospital “Dymnaries “” 文 文 文 “” 文 文 文”@文 文 文

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