These 7 kinds of food are actually very effective and can help the dog "treat"

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In the process of raising dogs, the owner can regularly eat the following 7 kinds of food for the dogs, because they have a great effect and can help the dog "cure"!

I believe many people like to eat cucumber. In fact, the role of cucumbers is also very large. If the dog’s eyes are inflamed, the owner can squeeze the cucumber into juice and clean it around the eyes.

This has a great effect on alleviating inflammation of the eyes, and dogs also like to eat cucumber!

Although the bitter gourd is very bitter, the effect is still very large. If the dog gets angry and has a lot of shit, the owner can give the dog a bit bitter gourd to help the dog clear the heat and reduce the fire.

Give the dogs to get away all the seeds inside, don’t give the dog!

Dogs also need to supplement calcium. If calcium deficiency, then dogs are also easy to get sick, so when the owner eats eggs, he can keep the eggshell and crush the eggshell in the dog’s food.

Dogs can also replenish calcium after eating, so that the dog is not afraid of calcium deficiency!

The owner can usually eat some blueberries for dogs, because the pectin contained in blueberries can remove the dog’s body in the dog’s body, and the low -sugar -content blueberry is the best snack of dogs with diabetes.

So when the owner eats blueberries, you can also give the dog a few grains!

Dogs often have constipation and poor stomach and stomach, then the owner can also eat bananas for dogs, because bananas can help the dog’s gastrointestinal motility and reduce constipation.

The owner can eat the dog several times a week, so that the dog’s stomach is better!

If your dog is ready to give birth, then you can go to some raspberry leaves for the dogs, because this can help the dog’s delivery and let the dog reduce pain.

After the dog is born, you must supplement it to supplement it to avoid malnutrition and no milk!

Dogs eating papaya can alleviate indigestion, can also alleviate and treat some common diseases, enhance the body’s resistance and immunity, and make the dog healthy.

However, it is necessary to eat papaya for dogs and not feed a lot!

Conclusion: Have you fed these foods?

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