These diseases are not related to urination, don’t "bear" anymore

As soon as people arrived in the office, they were busy, and they were dragged to the toilet; they watched TV and played a computer. They couldn’t care about going to the toilet.

Urine, medicine is called "compulsory urine stay", because urine contains bacteria and toxic substances. If urinating for a long time, it is particularly harmful.The following diseases are related to urination, come and take a look.

Urinary tract infection

During urination, the bladder accumulation is large, blood vessel compression, and mucous membrane ischemia, resulting in a decrease in resistance.

At this time, bacteria can easily cause urinary system diseases such as urethritis, cystitis and other urinary systems, and thereby discomfort such as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria. Many people describe their pain that is difficult to open up.

Compared with men, women are more prone to urinary tract infection, which is related to the physiological structure of women’s urethra.

Urinary tract stones

When a large amount of urine is stored in the bladder, the precipitation is concentrated, causing the saturation of calcium salts in urine to increase, and the formation of the formation of urinary tract stones increases.

Kidney disease

The retention of the urine can increase the internal pressure of the bladder, and the urine will return along the ureter, causing the pelvic effusion, and then the renal essence is pressured, ischemia, and even necrotic.

Sudden cardiovascular disease

Urinary urination can excite the sympathetic nerves, leading to increased blood pressure, and may cause hemorrhagic stroke; urination can also accelerate the heart rate and increase myocardial oxygen consumption, which will cause coronary heart disease, angina pectoris or myocardial infarction.

If you suddenly urinate after a long period of urination, due to the rapid discharge of the bladder, the pressure in the abdominal cavity decreases, and the blood volume of the heart will slow down, which will excite the vagus nerves, insufficient blood supply to the brain, reduced blood pressure, and slow heart rate.

Timely urination and kidney qi

Kidney is the innate basis. Long -term urination of urination will hurt the kidney qi, and even the whole body will suffer.

Therefore, do n’t bear the intention of urine. During the study, work, or meeting, you should make your time as much as possible to let yourself go to the toilet.

If you accidentally "forget", you have to urinate, you must find out the time to discharge the urine as soon as possible, and do the following.

A large amount of water supplement

Drinking a lot of water and forcing yourself to go to the toilet a few more times, you can rinse the bladder, so as not to cause bacteria in the bladder due to urination.


Long -term urination can cause pain and poor urination. In order to alleviate these discomfort, you can gently touch your lower abdomen with your palms.

You can one hand or overlap your hands when you touch it; the direction of the massage can be clockwise before the clockwise; the method should not be too heavy.

Hot compress belly

Long -term urination can cause prostate hyperplasia, which leads to frequent urination, urgency, etc., which can be applied to Chinese medicine in the lower abdomen.The specific method is to take 300g of cumin, and 200g of fragrant and dry ginger. Put them together in the pot and stir -fry. Put them in a cloth bag immediately. When the temperature drops to about 45 ° C, put it on your own abdomen.Three times, about 20 minutes each.

It is not advisable to the toilet immediately after waking up

If you have been urinating for one night, you should sit up first after waking up, then sit on the bed for a while, and then slowly stand up to the toilet.

Normal urination can not only discharge metabolites in the body, but also have a self -cleaning effect on the urinary system and urinary tract.Therefore, everyone must have a timely row of urine, don’t stand it again!

Source: Jilin 12320

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