These four examinations after pregnancy may be done even if they may spend money.

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The pregnancy test is very important for each pregnant mother. Now the medical technology is becoming more and more developed, and there are more and more types of pregnancy tests. Many pregnant mothers have no use to listen to others.Use, in order not to spend money, some of the examinations of pregnant mothers really do n’t do it, but some of the pregnancy examinations do have really spending money to find the heart, but the heart is so hard to buy.In fact, it is not white.

@小: Mother groups in our community often discuss this problem. The mother who has been born always said that this examination is useless. The inspection is useless.I did the same, but when they were born, they didn’t still fall, so don’t make a joke with the baby’s health for the hundreds of dollars.

1. Four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound inspection

The four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound examination is mainly used to eliminate whether the fetus is malformed. Some people say that there is no difference between the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound and the B -ultrasound, but it is clearer than the B -ultrasound. Indeed, the biggest difference between the four -dimensional and B -ultrasound is here, but the fetus is originally.Very small, if the deformity is not too serious, the B ultrasound sometimes cannot be seen at all. This is like the difference between X -rays during a doctor and nuclear magnetic resonance. It cannot be a chance to save a few hundred.

2. Tang’s screening

Donalding, as the name suggests, is to check whether the fetus has the risk of Tang’s syndrome. Many people say that the accuracy of this examination is not high, because it is clearly measured that it is high risk, but the child is healthy.The situation, but if the high risk is measured, mothers are better to check for further inspection. If the next check is fine, there will be no problems. Therefore, although Tang’s screening is not accurate, it is necessary to exist.

3. NT examination

Most of this test has always thought that it is not necessary to do it, and this item is not mandatory. This examination is also used to check whether the fetus is malformed, and it is much earlier than the abnormal examination.Regardless, if this inspection is detected that the problem does not need to wait until 24 weeks to do further diagnosis, you can immediately check for further examination.

4. Abo hemolytic examination

This test mainly depends on whether the child will suffer from hemolytic jaundice. Although the incidence of this disease is relatively low, it does not mean that there is no existence, so this test still has to be done.

In addition to the above rumors, there are many inspections that must be done, such as amniotic fluid puncture, heart examination, ectopic pregnancy examination, etc., but the above four types are really not necessary to save money.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a mother of a 3 -year -old baby. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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