These fruits cannot be eaten randomly!Be careful with "side effects"

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If you use some kind of food to describe summer

It must be fruit

Cool watermelon

Seductive peach

Sweet and sour pineapple

Not only can they satisfy the taste buds

Also hidden all kinds of energy needed by the body

Although the fruit is good, it cannot be eaten randomly

What are the taboos of fruits in summer?

How can I eat fruits to be healthier?

Know together ~

Is it better to eat fruit?

Fruit is an important source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, and can provide a variety of plant chemicals that are good for health.Therefore, many people think that the more fruits eat, the healthier the body is.Some people who lose weight will use fruits instead of dinner, but in fact, sometimes "eating more fruits" may be wrong

For example, watermelon is a must -have fruit in summer

Have clear heat and heat up the heat

Shengjin and thirsty effects

But if you eat too much

Diabetes patients may cause

Blood glucose fluctuation

People with indigestion and cold gastrointestinal deficiency

Symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, etc.

People with renal dysfunction

Will increase edema

Temptation of acute heart suffering

"Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines Science Research Report 2022" pointed out that the daily intake of fruit in general adults is 200-350 grams.At present, the per capita intake of residents in my country is low, and there is a certain gap with the requirements of reasonable diet. Therefore, it is often said that "increasing fruit intake" is based on the current situation of too little fruit intake.


The sugar content of fruits is 5%-30%

Too much sugar intake

It will increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and gout

If you eat too much fruit

As a result, eat less other foods

It is easy to cause nutrient deficiency

Long -term may also lead to malnutrition

Can the fruit be eaten if it breaks?

Fruit rot may be caused by the following three factors.

1. Mechanical damage

In the process of harvesting, transportation and sales, fruits may cause epidermal damage due to squeezing, falling, and wear.In this case, most of the microbial toxins are not produced, and there is no risk to eat in a short time. You can rest assured that you can eat it.

2. Low temperature frostbite

Under low temperature environments, the activity of superal oxide enzymes in fruits becomes low, and the cell structure is prone to damage.In addition, the low temperature environment will increase the activity of fructase in fruits, and will cause the fruit to soften and rot.This frostbite is only a "damage to the cells". There is no microorganistic reproduction. It is relatively safe and can be eaten quickly.

3. Mold variant

The most common in life is the rotten and deterioration caused by microorganisms. Many people think that "it is safe to remove the rotten part to continue eating", which is wrong.

Although the fruit "rotten and deterioration" can be seen outside, the "toxic metabolic products" produced by microorganisms such as bacteria are not visible, and it is easy to increase the risk of food poisoning.Sometimes the "toxin" contained in the normal parts of moldy fruits has reached 10%-50%of corrupt metamorphic parts, so there is still a safety risk to remove this part, and the remaining part is not recommended to continue to eat.

Should fruits be eaten before meals or after meals?

When is the best fruit to eat?This is a problem that is often discussed.Many people think that eating fruits before meals will affect digestion, so choose to eat after meals. I feel that in this way, it can supplement the carbohydrates and trace elements required by the human body, and it can also be greasy.

But in fact, eating before meals can meet the human urgent demand for food, and the dietary fiber contained in fruits can also increase satiety, reduce dining intake, and be more conducive to controlling weight and weight loss.Those who want to lose weight can choose to eat fruit 1 hour or 30 minutes before a meal.

There are also opinions that you don’t have to care too much about eating fruits before meals.Generally speaking, people with normal digestive systems can eat some fruits appropriately before or after meals, and people with poor digestion and absorption function are more suitable for eating after meals. It is recommended to 1 to 2 hours after meals.

Therefore, eating fruits before or after meals varies from person to person. The key is to pay attention to the amount of consumption. As long as the appropriate amount, there will be no big problems.

Fruit "attributes" are different

It depends on physical fitness

After eating a certain fruit, if you find that you have symptoms such as sore throat, toothache, and bubbles in the corners of the mouth, it is likely to be allergic to fruit!

Such as fruit sugar in litchi

It will stimulate insulin secretion

Too much consumption may cause


Causes panic, dizziness, fainting, etc.

May be induced

Children’s hypoglycemia brain disease

The way of healthy eating is

Do not exceed one fist size each time

Some people are eating pineapple

Will feel tongue numb

This is actually pineapple protease

Allergic reactions caused

In severe cases, it may still appear

Abdominal pain, diarrhea, redness of skin, etc.

A series of symptoms

Many people are used to soaking pineapple with salt water

Experts said

This method is not very effective

Pineapple protease that causes allergies

What really "scared" is high temperature

They will be at 45 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

Start degenerate

By 100 ° C

Most of them will be destroyed

So the health of pineapple is

Soak with hot water for a few minutes before eating

Edible mango

It will cause "mango dermatitis"

Lip, face redness, itching of the skin

Even throat edema

The way of healthy eating is

Do not eat more than 3 a day

There are no more than 2 pregnant women

Rinse and wash your face after eating

Clean the residual mango juice

Elderly and children with poor gastrointestinal function

And the people of allergies are best to stay away from mango

Now it is all kinds of fresh fruits

Large listing season

Eating fruits healthy is the "king"

Turn to the people around you

Some content sources: CCTV Life Circle, Popular Science China, etc.

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