These junk foods during pregnancy can actually be eaten, don’t worry too much

A prospective mother came to me worriedly, saying that she wanted to eat instant noodles since she was pregnant, and she couldn’t sleep well before eating.I didn’t hold back two sips last night. Now I have been full of guilt, because they say that it is harmful to the human body, especially after pregnancy, can she not touch it. Will she eat instant noodles harmful to the fetus?

I told her helplessly that instant noodles may not be harmful to the fetus, but if you think about it all day long, you are likely to have a negative impact on the fetus.

Many pregnant mothers have a similar feeling: small snacks that do not like to eat before pregnancy. When you see it after pregnancy, you ca n’t walk, and you drool when you think of it.But every time I eat snacks, the sense of guilt is spontaneous, for fear that I am sorry for the baby in the belly.

In fact, some so -called "junk foods" can also be eaten during pregnancy:

1. Instant noodles

There was an article on the Internet that after entering the human body, it takes at least a month to completely digest it, so many people have left a shadow on the instant noodles.In fact, the institutional time of instant noodles is the same as the digestion of ordinary food.

Experts have studied comparison. The nutrients of instant noodles and bread are the same. They can eat instant noodles during pregnancy, but they cannot be eaten for a long time.Because the nutrition of instant noodles, long -term eating instant noodles will lead to insufficient intake of other nutrients and affect the development of the fetus.

Therefore, it is not hindrance to eat a bite of sketching occasionally during pregnancy. Do n’t eat it frequently, and you should put less seasonings when eating.

Second, spicy strips, hot pot

During pregnancy, it is easy to cause constipation due to changes in progesterone levels, which makes the expectant mothers suffer.The spicy foods such as spicy strips and hot pot will slow gastrointestinal motility and increase constipation.

And there are more additives in spicy strips, which is not suitable for eating during pregnancy, but occasionally eating a bite is not hindrance; try to choose as much as possible when eating hot pot, eat more vegetables, and eat the meat after eating.Essence

Three, crab

Crab is cold, and eating will cause abortion, which is the consensus of many people.In fact, crabs are not so terrible. You eat crabs before pregnancy, but you do n’t have diarrhea. You can usually eat it after pregnancy, but you should not eat too much at one time!

What snacks do you like most during pregnancy?

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