These situations appear at the same time at the same time, it may be "happy", do a pregnancy test

For married women, basically they need to face such a situation, that is, prepare for pregnancy.However, women will have some adverse reactions when they are pregnant, so they must do a good job of relieving work to prevent harm to the fetus in the abdomen due to their improper behavior.So, when women are pregnant, what are the abnormalities of their bodies?

1. Vomiting

Pregnancy vomiting is a thing that every pregnant woman has to experience, but the corresponding pregnancy vomiting conditions of different people are different, and some are just mild vomiting, so they basically will not affect their lives and diet.However, for women with severe pregnancy, they need to pay attention. They must ensure that there is a normal diet every day to provide sufficient energy for the growth and development of the fetus, so even if they vomit uncomfortable, they still need to need it.Want to do everything to ensure your appetite.

2. Sleamed

Women can sleep better than usual when they are pregnant. If their sleep is insufficient, it will cause their own fatigue and weakness, so pregnant women must ensure that they have sufficient sleeping time every day.Of course, when sleeping, pregnant women need to pay attention to do not squeeze to their abdomen. It is best to choose a flat sleeping position.Regardless of whether, pregnant women need to close the doors and windows when they sleep to prevent symptoms of cold or headache.

3. Frequent urine

When women are pregnant, their uterus will gradually expand, so it will be squeezed to the bladder area, and then it will cause excessive contraction of the bladder, and pregnant women will have frequent symptoms of urine.However, when this symptoms appear, pregnant women do not need to be too nervous, because this is an inevitable symptom during pregnancy, and it will disappear naturally after pregnancy.

1. Don’t work too much

For pregnant women, if you want to grow your fetus healthy, you must control your work intensity. In addition to the situation of overtime and staying up late, you must also share your daily work content.For a period of time, the working intensity is very large to prevent adverse reactions that cause their own adverse reactions, which will hurt the fetus in the abdomen.

2. Control your emotions well

Pregnant women should not have the emotional state of great tragedy and joy, because such a state of emotional state can cause excessive expansion and contraction in multiple systems in their body, including the uterus.When the uterine telescopic frequency is too fast and the amplitude is too large, the fetus will affect the fetus, and severe may cause the abortion condition.

3. Add more exercise

Although pregnant women should not do heavy physical labor, they still need to go more. This can reduce their body, which will provide a healthier environment for the growth of the fetus.

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