These three color secretions appear during pregnancy.

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I do n’t know if pregnant mothers usually pay attention to their underwear, but do n’t underestimate our underwear, because some of the signs on the underwear are some reactions of our physical condition.Therefore, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to changes in the secretions on the underwear. Through these secretions, some changes in our uterus can be observed. The condition of the secretion also reflects the health of the baby in the abdomen.If there is an abnormality, it may be that the fetus has abnormalities, and the signal of asking for help!BIUBIU ~ Did you receive a signal of help?

Let ’s tell you about it. My colleagues have been pregnant for almost seven months. Whether it is herself or the fetus, the situation has always been good.Just this time, she changed her panties every day. There were always strange secretions on the underwear, and these secretions were still slightly brown.Colleagues are more worried, because in addition to the discharge on the underwear, the baby’s fetal movement rules have also changed, so colleagues decided to go to the hospital for examination.After arriving at the hospital, after a doctor’s examination, the doctor said that fortunately, it was time to come to the hospital to avoid irreparable things.

Through my colleagues, I became very alert, so I also reminded pregnant mothers during pregnancy to leave more snacks.As a person who comes, I will share some of my experience with you. If you find these three cases on the underwear, it may be that the fetus is shouting to you to help you!

Case 1: There are blood on the underwear

During pregnancy, menstruation will not come, so the secretion on the underwear must have no blood. If you find that there is bleeding in your vagina, and when you leave blood on the underwear, you must pay attentionWoke up.At this time, it may be these two situations, one is the placenta falling off, and the other is abortion.No matter what kind of situation occurs, pregnant mothers should not panic, first stabilize their emotions, go to the hospital in time, and listen to the doctor’s opinion and suggestions.If it is just a little bit, you can also choose to rest in bed for a few days, and continue to observe the changes in the secretions, see its daily changes until it returns to normal.

Case 2: Light brown appears on the underwear

When there is light brown on the underwear, it is also determined by the situation. During the pregnancy, if there is light brown on the panties, you don’t have to be particularly nervous, because it may be caused by the fertilized eggs at this time.We will have it.However, after a period of time, it is still found that this light brown secretion is still secreting in the vagina, which needs to be paid attention to.At this time, it is very likely that the mothers’ body’s body is insufficient, and the lack of progesterone is actually an important message that causes the fetal unstable development.If this happens, you must first supplement nutrition in time, pay attention to a balanced diet, and in severe cases, you must go to the doctor.

Case three: There are translucent substances on the underwear

In general, our vania secretion is transparent, as is pregnant women.If pregnant mothers find that a translucent secretion appears on the underwear, it may be a signal that the baby is telling him to come out.Especially the mothers who are about to be facing the pimple must pay attention, this may be a precursor that amniotic fluid breaks early. At this time, let the people around you help you return to the room and immediately lie on the bed to prevent the amniotic fluid from flowing out of the amniotic fluid in the future, causing the fetus to the fetusBad influence.Then let your family take you to the hospital for the hospital!

During pregnancy, mothers should pay attention to and pay attention to, so they need to be more careful to observe any changes in themselves.You see, the secretions on the underwear represent so many details and situations.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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