These three methods of cooling during pregnancy, pregnant mothers have to learn

Yingying often listens to others and says, "Don’t catch a cold after pregnancy." "It’s troublesome to get a cold, but dare not take medicine, it’s not good for the fetus."Knowing that you are worried about a cold and fever after you are pregnant.Although you do not let me take medicine after pregnancy, and fear of affecting the development of the fetus, in case you are entangled with a fever or a cold, you cannot consume dry at home.The doctor also suggested: "A slight fever and a cold, you can solve it through simple physical cooling at home." See what good suggestions can be adopted.

1. Wipe warm water

If there is a fever, the pregnant mother prepares a pot of warm water and two towels, and the water temperature can be controlled at 40 ° C slightly hot. When the hot water evaporates, it will absorb the heat around the body.To reduce body temperature.However, it should be noted that after wiping your body with warm water, you should change your clothes in time to avoid cooling and heavy pregnant women. Wipe 3 times a day, and the effect will be better before going to bed at night.In addition, you can also use a towel on your forehead during the day, and the effect will be more ideal.

2. Wipe alcohol

Intuction with alcohol is mainly to stimulate skin blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation in the body, and wipe the same physical principles as warm water to achieve the effect of lowering body temperature.In the position, no one will be counterproductive, causing dyspnea.Pregnant mothers can learn the order of simply wipe: first of all, we must find the rich parts of the capillaries, and wipe the movement from top to bottom to be gentle and slow; then from the neck to the upper arm and then to the legs and feet; wipe the half body first, then wipe the right side on the right sideTo the back.

In fact, large blood vessels such as the armpit, elbow, groin, and behind the knees should be wiped. These parts should be highly dissipated. Of course, do not wipe too much in the body’s sensitive parts. No one will stimulate the skin.

3. Calling sticker cooling

This is to put the cool ice cubes on the body’s large arterial blood vessels and the cold air emitted by the ice cubes to conduct heat exchange and conduction with the blood in the body to reduce the oxygen consumption of the brain cells and help relieve the damage to the brain cells.Specific method: Find a clean and immeasurable external application bag, put the ice cubes inside to prevent scattered, find a towel to wrap the skin from frostbite, and place it on the key parts of the rich blood vessels.In addition, in order to better reduce the body temperature, you can apply it with a fever to the forehead. Cold can avoid the melting wet mattress of the ice cubes, and it can also achieve the effect of ice -cooled cooling.

In fact, a cold during pregnancy is focused on prevention. Opening the doors and windows on weekdays to keep the air circulation in the bedroom, which can also reduce the chance of infection virus.

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