These two symptoms appear after pregnancy, be wary of natural abortion

Pregnancy is a pleasing thing, and women pay great attention to their bodies after pregnancy.But even if carefully, some women will still have a natural abortion.

Natural abortion is the abortion that occurs in natural state (caused by non -human purpose).In all clinical confirmation of pregnancy, the incidence of natural abortion is about 15%.The abortion occurred 12 weeks ago is an early abortion, and the abortion of the 12 weeks to less than 28 weeks of pregnancy is a late abortion.These two symptoms may occur after pregnancy.

1 vaginal bleeding

Under normal circumstances, women with natural abortion have symptoms of vaginal bleeding.Because after natural abortion, the embryo and membranes in pregnant women will be separated, and the separation will cause women’s blood vessels to open, which will cause symptoms of bleeding.Immediately after, the uterus will cause contraction reactions under the stimulation of blood and embryo peeling. The contraction reaction is over, the blood vessels are closed, and the symptoms of vaginal bleeding will slowly stop.Therefore, if women have symptoms of vaginal bleeding after pregnancy, they must be paid attention to it, go to a regular hospital to find out the cause in time, and treat them targeted. If they ignore it, natural abortion may occur.

2 lower abdomen pain

If a woman has symptoms of natural abortion after pregnancy, the lower abdomen pain will occur.This has a lot to do with vaginal bleeding, because vaginal bleeding can cause the uterus to be stimulated by blood, causing contraction reactions, and contractions can cause women to have lower abdomen pain.Generally speaking, the pain lasted too long. After the vaginal bleeding and contraction are over, the pain in the lower abdomen will disappear.Therefore, if there is a pain in the lower abdomen, the pregnant mother must be careful.

There are many reasons for natural abortion. Genetic factors, chromosomal abnormalities, parental endocrine disorders, maternal uterus and cervical diseases may cause natural miscarriage.In order to reduce the chance of the occurrence of natural abortion, you must do a good job of pregnancy before pregnancy. After pregnancy, you must pay attention to the changes in the body.

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