They are all members of the "Insert Sword". Together Jia Nailiang, Du Chun, and Li Chen, the gap came out

Speaking of the "inserting knives" incident, it was a lot of trouble, and many people must be familiar with.Simply put, Bian Xiaoxiao signs of seal Xiaotian. His so -called brothers all stood in the women and ran to insert the brother’s knife.Now that 10 years have passed, the members of the members of the "Inserting Sword" are different.

1. Bian Xiaoxiao

As the heroine of the "Inserting Sword" incident, although Bian Xiaoxiao later apologized, her reputation still declined.However, this does not hinder her resources. In recent years, Bian Xiaoxiao has appeared in many works such as "Under Zhengyang Gate", "Spine", "Pushing Hand" and "Outside Drum Tower".

After performing so many dramas, Bian Xiaoxiao received little attention. It was "confused" visible to the naked eye. In addition to acting, she also joined the ranks of live broadcast and cargo.It looks awkward.

Although there was no water flower in her career, Bian Xiaoxiao’s life was good, and she married the well -known director Wen Jie.Today, 40 -year -old Bian Xiaoxiao shared new dynamics. She was wearing a tights, and her breast enhancement waist was easy to see.

2. Yin Xiaotian

At that time, the "inserting knife teaching" incident that made Yin Xiaotian suffer. Although the truth behind it was made public, and he was innocent, his career did not improve.Most of the works such as "works.

On the other hand, his life is even more unexpected.Earlier, Yin Xiaotian had a marriage with Harina. Later, it was found that the woman’s family background education was fake. After the marriage behavior was exposed, the two finally divorced.

At present, the 43 -year -old Yin Xiaotian seems to have already diluted everything. He looks more cheerful and often dances with various funny dances, making the people laugh.

3. Du Chun

Speaking of which, Du Chun should be the most controversial in the "inserted knife teaching" incident. Netizens all call him, "inserting knives teach the Lord".Later, Du Chun responded on the show, saying that he was inexplicable, because he was just a cooperative relationship with Yin Xiaotian, not a good brother.Moreover, he believes that no matter what, he should not do it to the girl. He is actually justified.Netizens scolded him, and he could understand that because netizens were also upright, everyone was the League of Justice.

After walking around for so many years, then Du Chun and Yin Xiaotian met on the show "Brother Chasing the Light". Yin Xiaotian took the initiative to reach out to find Du Chun to fight the palm.EssenceIn this regard, some people think that they are having a former suspicion, and some people think that it looks like it is on the stage, and the relationship has not really eased.

Compared with Yin Xiaotian’s encounter, Du Chun is really much more smooth. He has appeared in hot broadcasts such as "Adolescence Banging into Menopausal", "Ancient and Modern Wars of the Qin Figs", "Palace Lock Bead Curtain" and other hot broadcasts.Some time ago, his new drama "Hidden Mother" had been killed.

In addition, Du Chun’s family life is also very happy, his wife Wang Can is beautiful, and a cute daughter.Although during the pregnancy of Wang Can, the two participated in "Mother -in -law and Mom 2" together. Du Chun cried Wang Can and was spit out at the time.But recently, they participated in the new variety show together. Du Chun has changed a lot. He remembered his wife’s dress. Before doing things, he reported it and was praised by the guests.However, although Du Chun and Wang Can were sweet, the two still had differences due to the second child problem. Du Chun did not want to give birth, and Wang Can wanted to produce.

4. Yangzi

In addition to Du Chun, Yang Zi is also the focus of public opinion. He was called by netizens. After the "nursing education of the country", Dong Yong who played "Tianxian" was ridiculed by the group, and Yang Zi went back to focus on his own company.

Later, Yang Zihuang Shengyi was doing live broadcasts together. In order to attract more traffic, they also re -reinvigated the shape of Dong Yongqi fairy.Grandma.

5. Li Chen

Li Chen was also very powerful at that time, but Du Chun blocked the main firepower, so Li Chen was relatively small.In fact, Li Chen made his debut very early, and he played a lot of dramas.Until the running man’s popularity, Li Chen gradually became popular through the label of "Big Black Bull", and then gradually became popular.

After running the male fire, Li Chen ate the dividend in this area. Now, the running man has been broadcast for ten seasons, many other old members have left, and Li Chen still adheres to.

It is worth mentioning that Li Chen, 43, is not married now, but his love history is rich, including Zhang Xinyu, Dilinaer, etc., each of which is very beautiful. It is said that during the period of love, he will send the woman to a love stone.EssenceTherefore, the "stone stalk" was widely spread.

6. Jia Nailiang

Jia Nailiang was a classmate of Bian Xiaoxiao. At the beginning, the woman stood in the team. When she passed the situation, Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu were originally happy and happy. They were influenced by Li Xiaolu’s "Night Square" incident. The two later chose to divorce.

After a few years of divorce, Jia Nailiang’s career was booming, and film and television, variety shows, and live broadcast blossomed.In the first half of this year, he had two dramas, "Meeting Time" and "Chasing Love Family", or the resident host of "Extreme Challenge 8".

But Jia Nailiang was not so smooth. Not long ago, his partnership was punished for tax evasion, which affected his passers -by to a certain extent.Subsequently, Jia Nailiang responded that he did not participate in management and said that he would try to stay away from investment in the future.

7. Bao Jianfeng

At that time, Bao Jianfeng was the most savvy in the "inserting knife teaching". While he was standing in the team, he did not forget to sell himself.Although the truth was exposed, everyone else was vomited by netizens, but Bao Jianfeng did not have it. Perhaps everyone was too deep to his filter.After all, "Eighteen -year -old Sky" and "Supreme Hongyan" and other dramas, Bao Jianfeng’s reputation is not bad.

Speaking of which, Bao Jianfeng is also a senior actor. Although there is no red and purple purple, the script he has received is not bad, and it is a big producer. Today, he has an important role in "Menghua Records" and "Star Han"Essence

On the other hand, Bao Jianfeng’s family life is very happy. His wife is He Jiahao, and the two have a cute son.

8. Huang Jue

In the "four major laws of protection" at that time, Huang Jue was the most inconspicuous. After all, his fame flow was not as high as the top a few.

But this does not mean that Huang Jue has not been scolded, and some netizens still talk about him.After that, Huang Jue and Du Chun participated in the show together. Huang Jue responded to the "insertion teaching" incident. "To be honest, this is the first time I saw Du Chun. At that time, I said something. I believe herBecome the law of protection. Today, the leader is here, and I want to apply for exit the law. It is not that I am too floating, but I can’t mention the knife. "

In fact, Huang Jue’s debut for many years has never been a fire.Until the beginning of this year, Huang Jue quickly became popular with the driver Wang Xingde.His film and television resources have been significantly improved."The Story Under the Lion Mountain" and "Everything about Dr. Tang" and other works have been broadcast one after another, and Huang Jue received a certain attention.

In family life, Huang Jue and his wife Mai Zi are loving. They often share sweet daily life. They still have two children, and the family lives very happy.

9. Xue Jianing

Not only are there the "Four Men’s Protection Law", but also the "Four Great Women’s Laws". Xue Jialing is one of them. Because of this, some people have broken her filter. After all, Harbin of "Pink Girl"Like the audience.

Hari is just one of the labels on Xue Jianing. She also has another more famous label, that is, Hu Ge’s ex -girlfriend.After the two were separated, Hu Ge mentioned her in the show and choked and said, "She is, she is really good."

At present, the 43 -year -old Xue Jianing is still not married. She is fully developing the acting career. Although she failed to be popular, she insisted.Recently, she and Deng Jiajia, Qin Junjie and others starred in "Tongtian Tower".

10. Wang Luodan

Wang Luodan and Bian Xiaoxiao are also classmates. The two participated in the show together. Bian Xiaoxiao also broke the news that Wang Luodan car was poor. Wang Luodan just smiled and was not angry.The two of them had a good relationship, and the "inserted knife teach" incident, Wang Luodan also spoke for Bian Xiaoxiao.

In fact, Wang Luodan was really hot in the early days. He starred in dramas such as "Struggle", "My Youth Who Master" and "Durala’s Promotion", and even played the Golden Eagle Goddess.

With the movement of time, Wang Luodan gradually became "confused". He had no film and television works for several years, but occasionally participated in variety shows.Recently, the new variety show she participated in was called "Meeting Friends", and she had no traffic for a period of time.

11. Li Xiaolu

Li Xiaolu said that he didn’t know the truth at the time, but he was the boyfriend Jia Nailiang. It can be seen that Li Xiaolu was full of love and trust in Jia Nailiang.

Who would have thought that there would be an "night -cherished door" incident later. In short, Li Xiaolu stayed in PG One’s house, and Jia Nailiang didn’t know about it. He also said that Xiaolu went to make hair that night.Later, netizens used hair metaphors to derail.

Affected by the "Night Square" incident, Li Xiaolu’s career life has changed a lot.She and Jia Nailiang divorced, and she didn’t make much filming, and gradually faded out of the entertainment industry. It can be said that it was cool.But she does not lack money and concentrates on bringing sweets at home.From the recent photos, the legs of the mother and daughter are very thin, and sweet Xin is really more and more beautiful.

12. Dong Xuan

With "The Dragon of the Snowflake", Dong Xuan, who is highly praised, is actually one of the "Four Grand Women’s Laws". After she stood by her, her career was not as good as before.In recent years, Dong Xuan has starred in dramas such as "Demolition Case", "Liangchen and Good Scene Knowing Geometry" and "New Residence Covenant", but all have the same response.

Compared with Dong Xuan’s career, her life is more ups and downs. Originally, she and Gao Yunxiang were model couples in the entertainment industry. Later, the "sexual assault" incident made the two gradually divorce.

In "Fifty -kilometer Taohuawu 2", Dong Xuan exposed that someone chased himself in private, and he was his brother, and said he wanted to experience Xiao Yaxuan’s happiness.

13. Article

The article did not directly support Bian Xiaoxiao, but supported Li Chen.To be honest, among these members of these "cutting knives", the article should be the biggest change. At that time, he starred in many hot dramas such as "Snow Leopard", "Struggle", and "Naked Marriage Age", but he fell famous because of derailment Yao Di.

Objectively speaking, after the articles were exposed, he was strongly resisted by the audience. He had not filmed for a long time, and it was so cold.Today, after his recent photos are exposed, the naked eye can be seen and vicissitudes.

14. Ma Yizhen

Ma Yizhen also firmly supported Li Chen. At that time, the article Ma Yizhen had already been married as a husband and wife. Naturally, it was a heart. However, after the article was exposed, the two finally divorced.

Now, 46 -year -old Ma Yizhen is well maintained. She is still filming. Her new drama "Dragon City" has been killed. The male lead of this drama is Bai Yu. Both are powerful actors. There should be many people looking forward toThis drama.

In short, some members of these "cutting knives" are cold, some are confused, some are red, some are divorced, some people are happy with their families, and they are single to this day. Looking at them together, the situation is different, and the gap is clear at a glance.

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