This is the reality: the workplace women who have been married and unable to find a job!

Friend Xiaohua is a standard post -90s, and this year is also 30 years old+. Last year, because of the illness of the elderly at home, she had to resign as a only daughter at home and had to resign to take care of her family.Now the elderly are stable, and Xiaohua is ready to return to the workplace.

However, the Internet industry’s environment is not the same as before:

The industry as a whole is not as incremental opportunities in the golden age in previous years, and there are many jobs; people are no longer optimistic about future expectations, and the overall pattern of the industry has been set.It is very limited, but the situation of the talent supply side is: the old people have not been old, and the newcomers have surged.

In the past year, Internet giants and foreign companies lay off for layoffs.

These are all learned from Xiaohua intermittently, but when they really fall on their own heads, they can’t help but lose: Resume sea investment has been invested for almost two months, and there are few interviews, let alone Offer!There were two interviews that were not bad, and they were all right in all aspects, but in the end they did not have the following.


I took a closer look at Xiaohua, I probably guessed that the interview was very good, but there was no reason for the following:

The direct reason is that of course the recruitment company has more suitable choices, but this does not mean that Xiaohua is unsatisfactory, but it is a candidate with comprehensive conditions that are more suitable for the situation of the enterprise when it is suitable for this position.This is also normal. The current recruitment market is obviously too much. People who cannot find a job for a few months have been leaving, not to mention the small flowers that have been empty for one year.

The more fundamental problem is that although Xiaohua is a post -90s, the boss is still in his 30s; the first two years have also ended a marriage certificate, and it is currently a state of "unmarried".In this case, the recruitment HR of most enterprises will still care: If you are not recruited for a long time, you will have to affect the work progress after pregnancy, and it will inevitably affect the progress of the work. At that time, once the business department shakes the pot, it is most likely that HR!In the final analysis, HR is also the service department in the enterprise, which serves the business department, and is the best candidate for the Boat Man.

Therefore, unless Xiaohua’s talent is unique and the city must have been, in the case of choice, HR generally does not dig into a pit for herself.

Under normal circumstances, even if the business department interviewer may be interested in hiring small flowers, after all, Pingshui meets, and it is difficult to endorse her with an hour of contact with the interview.Candidates, I believe the business department interviewer will choose to choose a candidate without obvious risks!Even this interviewer is a woman!

Xiaohua said that when the interview mentioned fertility, she said that she and her husband did not want children at present, and at least in the past two years, they did not intend to ask.Xiaohua seriously said that this is her true thought.

However, from the perspective of the interviewer and HR, it is still too "virtual".Indeed, if there is no solid reason for this problem, there will be almost no interviewer believed.

I have seen some resumes of women who have been married and unparalleled workplace, and some directly clearly write "Dink’s family, not planning to give birth", and even write infertility!I have to say that simple rough but very effective!There are also girls with clear career goals in their resumes and interviews that their career planning appeals and clearly indicate that the career of the past 2-3 years does not intend to have childbirth.These well -established situations can basically dispel the concerns of most recruiters and win opportunities for themselves!

In the final analysis, if this company interviewer or HR knew Xiaohua before, or there was an acquisition of acquaintances in the company, then the above problem was not a problem. If Xiaohua thought he was sincere, the other party would pay!It’s better to say the old saying: multiple friends and many ways!This is the case in the workplace. I may feel that I ca n’t use it. When it ’s time to do job jobs, maybe it can increase a lot of blessings!The trust brought by the endorsement of acquaintances is a very scarce high -quality resource in recruitment interviews, and even the lack of ability to offset some of the ability (of course, the premise is that the ability is up to standards, and it is popular to work).

Strictly speaking, asking for fertility during the interview involves invading personal privacy, and general foreign companies do not take the initiative to ask.However, the real environment of the employment market is the case. The existing game, excessive supply, and competition are fierce; HR asks or does not ask, it always recruits the hidden dangers in the hearts of the party. We still face reality and try to fight for ourselves as much as possible!

Putting a line of Aunt Baiyun: It is difficult to be a woman, it is even more difficult for women to be a woman, and women who have unmarried and unprepared workplace are difficult to add!

Hope that women in the same workplace as Xiaohua can find a job that suits them!Welcome to leave a message to talk about your bad things on your job search ~~~

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