This man was finally pregnant, guess who did it?

This man is finally pregnant,

Guess who did it?

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This is the most mysterious event in history, and no one has cracked.

It happened in Tokyo, Japan in 2013.

On that day, Mr. A walked out of the station.

I met a beautiful girl.

Mr. A looked at the girl, the girl looked at Mr. A, his eyes were opposite, and his feelings were dark.

I loved it at the time.

Talk to each other, know each other, and go to the izakaya to drink.

The girl’s name is Aiko, and the two talk while drinking.

Take a taxi to open the house.

After getting in the car, Aiko gave Mr. A a bottle of drink, and Mr. A drank it happily.

By the time the hotel, Mr. A was suddenly sleepy.

I fell asleep.

Wake up the next day.

Aiko disappeared, and disappeared with this beautiful girl, as well as Mr. A’s watch property.

Immediately call the police.


After Mr. A called the police, the police did not act.

There are two more men calling the police, and the situation is no different from Mr. A, and the police have not moved.

There are also many men who call the police. They are beautiful girls who claim to be loved. They are plundered after fainting.

More and more deceived, the amount of fraud is getting higher and higher, the police will never say that they will not pass.

Alas, I really can’t help it.Helpless police action.

Police came to government agencies.

There are long teams here, and the queue people are all unemployed, come here to receive national subsidies.

The police called a man with a shy look in the team and asked:

Police: Name?

Men: Shen Yihui.

Police: Gender?

Men: Female … Uh, male.

Police: Do you know a girl named Aiko?

Men: Uh, don’t know.

Police: Do you have a female pot friend?

Men: Yes.

Police: Do you love your girlfriend?

Men: Of course.

Police: How do you prove your loved female friends?

Men: This … uh … I gave my girlfriend and bought a lot of valuable gifts.As long as she is happy, I am willing to exchange the whole world.

Police: You are still poor, and you can get a valuable gift for your girlfriend by receiving unemployment and relief.

Man: … uh … ah … this … that … that … that …

Police: Miss Aizi, don’t act anymore, let’s send you to dinner!

The arrested Aiko


The young man Shen Yihui was pointed to the court by the police as fraudulent girls, and sent it to court.

The judge was doubtful and asked the man Shen Yihui in court.

In this question, the judge collapsed.

Shen Yihui performed strangely in court, suddenly men and women.

Sometimes it is the voice of a mature man, and sometimes the voices of the little girl in the world. If you just say it, he will deny it.In court, Shen Yihui shouted with a young girl with a young girl: I am Shen Yi’s sister Aizi, my brother has no crime, you bad guys bully him!

What about this person?

The confused court, please come to a psychological counseling expert.

Experts poured Shen Yihui and touched all kinds of inspection.

After the inspection, the expert said: Miserable, you are in trouble, there are four people in the body of this product.

Shen Yihui, suffering from multiple personality.

Shen Yihui

One person’s body, four people share, the three are men, one is the little girl loves the son.

Multi -personality is a common symptom of trauma survivors.People with this disease have been abused in their childhood, so they hope that they will no longer be themselves. As a result, their desire will come true, and the abusers form a new personality. This is multiple personality.

So what abuse has Shen Yihui?

Shen Yihui was born in a middle -class family. When he was born, he was a girl, but his father went bankrupt and began to drink. When he was drunk, he beaten Shen Yihui.The mother was forced to raise her family, so tired every day, and also hit her daughter to relieve the pressure.

Shen Yihui was beaten to the mental collapse. At least 10 times before the age of 20, he did not succeed.

So she longed for a man.

Shen Yihui

She took male hormones and removed her breasts, completely becoming a man.

Then he had a cute girlfriend.

He is a true love for his girlfriend. For his girlfriend, he is willing to pay the whole world, so he keeps buying and buying his girlfriend and buying all kinds of valuable gifts.

The only trouble is that he has no money.

Therefore, the multiple personality in his body came out for help, loved the son, fainted the man, and cheated money to buy gifts by Shen Yihui.

This happened here, it was strange.

But the next thing can be said to let everyone go crazy.


After studying, the judge believed that although Shen Yi’s body had a female personality in her body, Aiko was young, not yet an adult, and did not lie to uncle to open a house to steal money.

Therefore, it is not a minor love, but a fake love for Shen Yihui.

Shen Yihui, who transformed into a boy

Judging Shen Yihui for ten years.

Four people who shared God Yihui were sent to prison together.

Aiko in public videos

Then the prison found that Shen Yihui was not advised.

He always has symptoms of vomiting and discomfort.

Check it.

As a result, everyone was stunned.

——Her man god, pregnant, and pregnant for more than half a year.

Who did it?

The most confused is Shen Yihui himself.

He said: I am a man, I don’t remember which man had been done by which man.

Didn’t be done by a man, how could a big man get pregnant?

This incident has become the biggest suspense in Japan, but there are many strange things in Japan. No one cares about serious things.The prison did not want to care. The police couldn’t ask. The parties reached a consensus and accepted the reality "Shen Yihui is a man, he was just pregnant".

In December 2014, Shen Yihui gave birth to the next baby in prison.

Shen Yihui and her child

Five days later, the baby was taken away and sent to the welfare home.

Shen Yihui continued to serve in prison.

For the calculation time, Shen Yihui was about to be released from prison immediately.

I just didn’t know whether it was a man or a woman who came out of the prison until that day.


The story of Shen Yihui allows us to understand a little emotional about the native family:

The first: life is more fragile than you know.

Life is a vulnerable body.

A stone, crushing is still a stone.

But a life, whether it is a person or a cat and dog, you put pressure on him, then most of them will become abandoned people, sick cats or dead dogs.

For example, Shen Yihui, he did not lack of eating or drinking, that is, his parents were depressed and he had a meal to digest a meal. As a result, Shen Yihui was messy, and he couldn’t even figure out that he was a man or a woman.

If a person breaks his legs, we all know that he is the disabled and will take the initiative to protect him -but in trauma, if we can’t see it, we will treat him as a normal person.However, this person is likely to be unable to bear the pressure under normal conditions, but it is difficult for us to recognize.

Second, the power of life comes from fragility.

The wind can easily roll a piece of paper, but it can’t blow a butterfly.


Paper has no life, and can only go against it.But butterflies are a kind of free will. Although this kind of freedom is fragile, it is always reflected in confrontation with the environment.All creatures are naturally survived, and the sky is smooth. Only human beings caught monsters, all kinds of dissatisfaction, and fighting with the heavens and the earth.

That’s why humans created a great civilization, and other animals were not.

Third, to get out of the predicament of the native family, we must master the fragile power.

Most families have problems.

Perfect parents do not exist. Most people will suffer various grievances in their growth.Like Shen Yihui, various children who are beaten by their parents are not one or two. Some children have become Shen Yihui, and they do n’t even know that they are men or women.Some children are not as good as Shen Yihui and live in despair and pain.Some children have gone out of the adversity and gained a strong growth force.

What causes this difference?

The difference is the grasp and use of fragile power.

Vulnerability is easily damaged, but the characteristics of life are fragile. The fragile power is not sudden, but slow.For example, the seeds of a pine tree fall on huge rocks. In just three days and two days, there is no possibility of winning seeds.However, the strategy of seed seeds is long -term. First, small tree saplings growing in the rock gaps, acid fluids secreted at the root, corrosive hard rocks and transformed them into dirt. This state lasted for many years.Twenty years, one day you will see that a towering tree is rising, and there are small rocks in the root of the tree.

The same is true of human beings to defeat native families and achieve career.

Growing, slow, persistent, this is enough.

For example, if he wants to get out of the trouble of the native family, he must first put himself as a man or a woman, focusing on a certain career. What is not important is, the important thing is that the career is itself.

Yiyi God and Yihui will be shocked to find that the personnel are male and female, and men and women eat. For example, Shen Yihui has a natural advantage in this state.

So today’s question is:

Who is the big belly of Shen Yifei?This is a mystery.Put your wisdom brain judge, who did it?When did you do it?How to do it?Why is Shen Yihui unaware?

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