This time is in the same room, which is higher than the conception rate on ovulation day. Many husbands and wives have ignored

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Xiaomi has been married for 3 years. At first they planned to fight for their careers first, and pushed back the child.It has been two years of pregnancy, but there is no result.They all checked their bodies, everything was normal, and had some recipes, which was useless.Later, Xiaomi took the scriptures from some mothers, and some of them proposed that they had the same room during ovulation, which would increase the chance of conception.Xiaomi calculated the ovulation period for a long time, but it was still unsuccessful.Now she is almost collapsed, and she has no hope of pregnancy.When will the same room increase the conception rate?

There is a perception in the concept of most people, that is, the chance of pregnancy during ovulation will increase the chance of pregnancy. This is a certain sense.Because each woman ovulates for ten days a month, and the day when the egg is excreted, the day of the ovulation period is called ovulation day.If ovulation on this day, it will indeed increase the chance of pregnancy.If women’s physiological cycle rules, the ovulation period starts from the first day of the next holiday. The countdown is the ovulation day, and the ovulation period is added 5 days before the ovulation day.So why don’t you get pregnant even in the same room on ovulation?

In fact, at this time, the chance of conception is higher than the ovulation day, which is the day before the ovulation day.Why do you say that?This is determined by the survival time of sperm, eggs and the combination of fertilized eggs.The survival time of general sperm is 2-3 days, and the survival time of eggs is 1-2 days.If sperm wants to successfully combine with eggs, you need to go through "difficulty". When you reach the fallopian tube, a large number of sperm dies.Sometimes the sperm has not reached the fallopian tube, and the eggs have died, so they cannot get pregnant.Therefore, the same day before the ovulation day, the chance of conception is higher.

In addition to choosing the right time, this time period is more likely to conceive, that is 5-7 in the afternoon.Because at this time the quality of sperm and eggs has reached the peak of the day, and this time is basically off work. The time is relatively abundant, and the body and mind of both sides are relatively relaxed. Therefore, if this time is in the same room, the chance of pregnancy will be higher.

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Of course, in addition to the right time, the couple must also be prepared during pregnancy.For example, change some bad habits, do not smoke and drink, do not stay up late, and insist on exercising.Women began to supplement folic acid during pregnancy and maintain a pleasant mood. Do not have too much psychological pressure, which is conducive to pregnancy.

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