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“Hello, new life”Prepare for pregnancy, it is best to do oral examination first, because pregnancy will increase hormones in expectant mothers.It is easy to expand the blood tubes of the gums, bending, and weakening elasticity, which can cause gingivitis.In this way, your teeth will spend your teeth.Pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy.Keep normal brushing habits and do not stimulate gums vigorously.So as not to aggravate symptoms.Wisdom is like me. I chose to do oral examination and treatment before pregnancy.So I kept my teeth very well during pregnancy, and I took hemp.The medical examination before pregnancy is also necessary.

Potate tablets daily before pregnancy.The first month of pregnancy supplement folic acid.It can prevent premature birth, anemia, and fetal malformations.Hawthorn cannot be eaten, you need to eat sour science.Stay away from harmful radiation.Zinc should be supplemented in the second month of pregnancy, such as fish, beef, lamb, shells.In March of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should eat seafood rich in DHA.To satisfy the nutrition required for the development of the fetal head.In May, you must start to supplement calcium.In June of pregnancy, I took more iron and eat more grain fiber food in August.Vitamin C reduces the risk of childbirth.In September of pregnancy, the fetus had entered the pan cavity.The stomach of the expectant mother will feel more comfortable, so the amount of food will increase.But eat less.October pregnancy is once a week of pregnancy, so that doctors can understand the fetal condition in a timely manner.

I apply olive oil every night after taking a shower, so I will get down during pregnancy.No stretch marks

Therefore, pregnant mothers who are pregnant must apply olive oil diligently.For the future, the stomach is still beautiful.

Prepare the production package in advance, here I prepare by myself.Personally offered mother

Twenty care pads

Disposable underwear

Toilet mat

Baby clothes

The bag is 3 (thin, medium. Thick)

Disposable straw

Water bottle

2 sets of mammals

Mom cotton socks, slippers

Adult diaper used by mom

Extended version of sanitary napkin two packs

Toothbrush cup

Baby drawing paper

Baby wet towel

Baby nail knife

A pocket

1 baby bottle

Bottle brush

Gauze small square scarf

Baby bath towel

Baby silicone spoon

One can of milk powder

A bag of alcohol disinfection cotton pads

2 sidelines

Pay more attention to the time of production.They all mean that the baby is anxious to come out to meet you. At this time, you should go to the hospital in time.It is worth noting that the amniotic fluid is broken and can’t walk.Put the arm to prevent the umbilical cord from falling off.In the end, I hope that mothers can produce smoothly.

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