Three Chinese medicines that can be eaten as food, nourishing the spleen and stomach, coughing, helping sleep, and more effective symptoms

Before we mentioned: Some foods can also be used at all; some Chinese medicines can usually be used as food.

The advantages of these Chinese medicines of homologous -eating are small side effects, slowly conditioning, and can be eaten for a long time.But even if the side effects are small, there are places that are not applicable, and the wrong body will make the body uncomfortable.

Today, Huang Yao talked about 3 kinds of Chinese medicine that can be used as food: What is the good health?Under what circumstances is uncomfortable eating?

1. Yam -nourishing the temper, benefiting the spleen and yin


Yam is different from other spleen supplements. In addition to nourishing temper, it can also nourish the spleen and yin.

If the spleen is deficient, the spleen is abnormal, fatigue, fatigue, loss of appetite, thin stool, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Yam to strengthen the spleen, and at the same time, it also has both astringency, which can alleviate diarrhea and stool.

It is used for spleen deficiency diarrhea and sparse stool. It can be used for research and ends with yam alone, and sugar is used to adjust, that is, yam paste.

If qi deficiency is serious, yam can be used in compound compound, such as Shenling Atractylodes San, with yam compatible with ginseng, Atractylodes, Poria, white lentils, etc., used for weak spleen and stomach, ravioli, short cough, and fatigue and weak limbs.

The picture is for reference only, please use it under the guidance of the doctor

Spleen yin deficiency, common symptoms are dry lips and dry lips, fatigue and fatigue, less food, abdominal distension, loose or constipation, annoying heat and insomnia, etc., can be compatible with flat meat, lotus meat and other medicines.

Some people say that after taking yam, the stomach is even more uncomfortable. What is going on?

Because yam is moisturizing, good at nourishing yin, it is more suitable for spleen yin deficiency, but it is not suitable for spleen deficiency and dampness.If your spleen and stomach are heavy, the stomach is full and full of tongue coating, it may not be suitable for yam.Symptoms may be aggravated after eating.

Second, lily -moisturize the lungs and relieve cough, help the throat, help sleep

Fresh lily

Lily medicine can be used for stir -fried, steamed, porridge, and soup.There are also fresh lilies and dry products in the market.Lily is also a very easy to use Chinese medicine.

Lily moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, has a direct cough effect, can be used by lilies regardless of lung deficiency, dry lungs, or lung heat cough.

Boil porridge with raw lily, and then take it with honey, mainly used for lung deficiency cough.

Lily porridge

It is often used with nourishing yin and lung medicine, such as raw land, cooked land, Xuan ginseng, maternal, and Ophiopogon, etc. to enhance the medicine.Such as Gu Fang Lily Gold Soup, modern clinical clinical is often used for tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, and chronic pharyngitis.

Or lily loquat ravioli, use fresh lilies, loquat (remove nuclear), fresh lotus and starch, sugar, and blend into crickets for cough for hot and hot lungs.It is more suitable when it is dry in autumn.

Lily can also calm down and soothe the nerves. In ancient times, the use of lily medicine was often related to lily disease.Lily disease is a kind of emotional disease that is conscious and spiritual is not the main manifestation. Language, action, and sensory disorders often occur.

Modern clinical studies believe that the symptoms of lily disease are similar to neurasthenia and neurological diseases in modern medicine.

If a person is restless, nor is it, it is not lying, palpitations, irritability, insomnia, and even inexplicably crying, you can boil lily for him or her.

Pay attention:

Infected with cold and cough, or when the cough is just rising, it is not appropriate to use lily.

Third, ginger -sweating, warm stomach, relieving cough and relieving vomiting

As the saying goes, "Go to bed with radish and get out of ginger, without a doctor to open a prescription."Lu Zhizheng, a master of Chinese Medicine, is 102 years old. He said that every morning he will insist on eating three slices of vinegar and ginger, and persist for two or three decades.

Ginger diverges the cold, and many people are cold or rainy. After returning home, the family will give drinking a bowl of ginger soup to get rid of cold. We have seen a lot on TV.

Ginger can also be added with green onion and perilla. Without perilla, you can use ginger to add green onion, cook the water together, and the slight wind and cold can be resolved early.

Ginger can also warm the lungs and cough. They are good at turning cold cough, especially if they have a cold, have cold on their body, have both cough, cough are not urgent, sputum is white, and ginger is suitable.

Cold cough does not necessarily have a cold. Some elderly people have long -term chronic cough, white sputum, sputum, and no cold symptoms. You can also use ginger.

Ginger can also warm the stomach to stop vomiting. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has been called "vomiting family medicine". It is widely used in a variety of symptoms of gastric qi such as vomiting, qi and hiccups.Vomiting caused by cold stomach cold is the most suitable.

The warmth and warm stomach of ginger is not only used for vomiting, as long as it is caused by symptoms caused by stomach cold, including stomach pain, poor appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea, ginger can be used.In severe, it can be equipped with hot medicine such as aconite, Gao Liang ginger, pepper, and guns.

Pay attention:

Those who have hot and souly, yin deficiency and fire, long -term disease, hemorrhoids, and bloated, use it with caution.

Ginger can increase blood pressure, and patients with hypertension should not be used more.

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