To deal with the new crowns, pregnant women remember these 8!

What are the symptoms of pregnant women infected with new coronary virus?

During the epidemic period, do you need to check during pregnancy?

How does the infection of the new crown virus affect pregnant women and fetuses?

What are the cases of emergency medical treatment?

These issues about expectant mothers pay attention to

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First, these preventive measures should be done!

Reduce out; wear N95 masks when going out; keep social distances to avoid places where people are more; try to reduce the area where the hand touching public places may be polluted, including door handles, elevator buttons, etc., Mouth, nose and other parts; wash your hands frequently, use seven -step washing method, use soap and flowing water when washing your hands; you can use 0.9%sodium chloride rinse, and clean the nasal cavity; open windows to ventilate the air to keep the air humidity at home, avoid winter drying houseNasopharyngeal discomfort brought.

What you need to pay attention to at home must be cautious in the selection of disinfectants. Because excessive use may cause respiratory tract and skin allergies, you can clean your daily home cleaning.

2. During the epidemic period, do you need to check for pregnancy?

The key node during pregnancy is necessary to come to the hospital for delivery. For example, when there is stomach pain or bleeding during early pregnancy, it is necessary to do ultrasonic identification whether it is intrauterine pregnancy; NT ultrasound, large row ultrasound, chopped screen screening, non -invasive, oral sugar tolerance test testwait.

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, several fetal movements are counted every day, and the fetal movement is abnormal immediately. Remember not to perform fetal heart sound inspections at home to avoid the consequences of unavailable;

37 weeks of pregnancy is recommended to check every week to understand the condition of the fetus.For those accompanied by high -risk factors, such as diabetes during gestational, hypertension during pregnancy, etc., regular check -ups are needed.

Third, what are the emergency medical treatment?

In the following situation, it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible:

1. vaginal bleeding or abnormal secretions, etc.

2. Continuous headache, dizziness, fever

3. Abdominal pain

4. Cough, chest pain

5. Severe nausea and vomiting

6. Difficulty breathing

7. Severe edema

8. Other uncertain conditions, such as abnormal fetal movement

What are the symptoms of pregnant women infected with new coronary virus?

Symptoms are usually similar to non -pregnancy personnel, with main manifestations such as fever, cough, dry throat, hoarse sound, breathing difficulty, and muscle soreness of the whole body.

5. What should I do if pregnant women are infected with new coronal viruses?

Infection in the new coronal virus during pregnancy. First of all, don’t be too anxious, first depends on whether there are symptoms.If you are just asymptomatic or mild, your throat pain or cough is a bit cough, you can stew pear in the home with rock sugar, which plays a role in moisturizing the lungs.If pregnant women have a fever below 37.5 ° C, they can drink with brown sugar ginger and green onions; if a high fever is above 38 ° C, physical cooling can be performed. Use towels to heat the arteries (underarms and groin), drink plenty of water.Other causes.

6. What is the impact of infection with new coronal virus on pregnant women and fetuses?

For pregnant women: pregnant women infected with new coronal viruses increase the risk of complications, such as premature birth, cesarean section, and death.The risk of pre -eclampsia may also rise.

For the fetus: At present, there is no clear evidence that the virus can pass through the placenta and infect the fetus.Some newborn have mild infection symptoms, which are mostly infected by spreading pathways through the respiratory tract after birth.

7. Does the infection of the new crown virus affect the childbirth method?

Infection of the new crown virus is not a indicator of cesarean section, so even if infected, we still encourage natural delivery. If the condition is urgent, the internal distress of the fetus will increase the chance of cesarean section.

8. Can the maternal breastfeed be fed with new coronal virus?

The current research results are breastfeeding, but the maternal needs to do well in personal protection, and wear the N95 mask during feeding to avoid the spread of the respiratory tract.Don’t contact close contact when you don’t feed, such as hugging, kissing babies, etc.If the maternal fever and other symptoms are taken to take drugs, follow the doctor’s advice whether it is necessary to suspend breastfeeding, and then breastfeed after recovery. The benefits of breastfeeding are greater than the risk of infection.

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