To get pregnant smoothly, men have to be half of their strength, stay away from 5 unfavorable factors, and focus on supplementing 2 kinds of nutrition

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Many couples choose to prepare for pregnancy in spring, and often listen to the friends around them that they are preparing to have a baby to do pre -pregnancy examination with her husband. Many people may not have the right understanding of pre -pregnancy examinations.I feel that it is necessary to expose my privacy, so I do n’t take it for granted.

And not only women have to check, but men also have to check. After all, in the process of breeding, a healthy fertilized egg requires healthy eggs and healthy sperm to synthesize together. Therefore, "men’s health" will also affect the health of the fetus health.Essence

In fact, the main impact is the quality of sperm.

If you want to succeed in pregnancy, men need to contribute sperm, and the quality of sperm directly determines the quality and development of the embryo.

However, the quality of sperm quality cannot be judged by simple methods, but many details and bad living habits in life will seriously affect the sperm quality of men. If it is a man who is preparing for pregnancy, these aspects need attention.

1. Tobacco and alcohol

We all know that before preparing for babies, men need to quit smoking and drink for half a year or longer to reduce damage to sperm.Because the harmful ingredients in cigarettes will damage the number of sperm and affect the quality of sperm; while "excessive drinking" will affect the ability of secretion sperm and reduce the quality of healthy sperm.

Therefore, if you are preparing for your baby, then men must quit smoking and alcohol to improve the survival rate and health of sperm, which is more conducive to eugenics and good pregnancy.

2. Obesity

Many surveys show that obesity is a direct cause of many diseases, which not only affects its own health, but also seriously affects the health of the next generation.The main reason is that "excessive fat" affects the level of hormones, which affects the quality of sperm.

3. mental stress

If men are in a state of mental tension for a long time, such as putting themselves in challenges and pressure, because each confrontation pressure is challenging the limits of their bodies and hearts, it will have a great impact on the number and quality of sperm.Essence

4. Drug

Women who prepare for pregnancy and pregnant mothers after pregnancy cannot be taken at will, especially for non -prescription drugs. Even if they must be taken, they must be carried out under the permission of a doctor.

Similarly, the spare men are also. If you use medicine, health products, etc. if you do not permit the doctor, it will cause the sperm quality to decrease and affect pregnancy. Even if you are pregnant, you will seriously affect the health of the fetus.

5. Pollution, radiation

Now the living conditions are good, but the living environment is getting worse and worse. Air pollution, various radiation, etc., will affect men’s health, which will affect the quality and pregnancy of sperm.

First, correct bad living habits.

Before preparing for pregnancy, to develop good habits, you must quit smoking and alcohol in advance, avoid staying up late, and ensure sufficient sleep.

Secondly, regular pre -marital examinations and pre -pregnancy examinations are necessary.

Especially for pre -pregnancy examinations, you can not only understand family health, but also understand the health status of the husband and wife in the recent period, prepare for pregnancy; if there are hidden health hazards during examination, it is also convenient to correct the treatment and bred better for better pregnancy.lay the foundation.

Third, two kinds of nutrients must be supplemented.

On the basis of the nutritional equilibrium during pregnancy, pay attention to focusing on two nutrients: zinc and folic acid.

Zinc: It is very important for men to help improve sperm quality. Therefore, eating more foods that help zinc supplement, such as seafood foods (oysters, oysters, prawns, etc.), nuts (such as cashews, chestnuts, etc.), Soy products (such as tofu, soy milk, tofu brain, etc.), cheese, etc. These foods have relatively high zinc content and can eat more.

Folic acid: Folic acid in the body can help prevent the fetus "neuroplasma deformity". Therefore, it is necessary to improve the condition of folic acid in the body from pregnancy.Replenish.

Finally, keep your body and mind happy.

Modern people are under pressure to live and work, but if you are ready to babies, you must learn to effectively relieve the tension caused by work. At the same time, you must properly cultivate healthy hobbies, which can not only distract attention, but also enhance happiness.It is more conducive to conceiving your baby as soon as possible.

Pregnancy is a matter of two people. Men are preparing. For women, the process of pregnancy is far more important than the process of pregnancy.

In daily life, in addition to doing pre -pregnancy examinations, women who prepare for pregnancy also need: stay away from radiation, pollution, noise, etc., choose a relatively comfortable living environment; supplement folic acid dailyWomen should pay more attention to supplementing, and they are also 400 micrograms per day; relax, avoid excessive pressure, many women are preparing to baby, they start to be nervous, which will cause delay;It will affect the smooth pregnancy; insist on exercise and enhance physical fitness. After pregnancy, women’s physical fitness is good, which is more conducive to the healthy childbirth of the fetus. Therefore, pay attention to increasing the amount of exercise during pregnancy, especially women with less activity.Successive sleep, good sleep can make women good at qi and blood, more conducive to breeding, so women during pregnancy should sleep as early as possible and sleep as much as possible.

If you want a smart and healthy baby, from preparing for pregnancy to pregnancy to production, every link is negligible, but the baby is the "crystallization of love" of two people.Half of the responsibility, do a good job in preparing for pregnancy, and give birth to a healthy and smart baby.

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