To remove the child, there is a weekly limit of pregnancy!Which method is better?

To terminate pregnancy, for some pregnant mothers, psychological impact is no less than physical pain, especially when the number of weeks end the pregnancy, which makes them full of guilt.In addition to focusing on artificial abortion, this article also tells you how to accompany her through this road.

What does it mean to terminate pregnancy?

Before 24 weeks of pregnancy, used drugs or surgery to centered to achieve pain to induce embryos. A vernacular saying is to abandon and remove children.

A suitable time and way of abortion

What way to choose for artificial abortion must be determined depending on the number of pregnancy weeks. Generally speaking, it is most suitable to do artificial abortion within 10 weeks of pregnancy. Because the earlier, the simpler, the safety is higher, and the recovery time after surgery is short.On the contrary, the greater the weekly number, the more complicated the operation, and the slower rehabilitation time.

1. Within 49 days of pregnancy: Drug abortion

Early pregnancy within 49 days, you can choose oral contraceptives RU-486 to terminate pregnancy, and use medicinal power to make the embryo from icing the endometrium of the uterine, so that it must be aborted naturally;

2. Within 10 weeks of pregnancy: vacuum attraction technique

The uterus is not too large within 10 weeks of pregnancy, and the fetus and placenta have not yet formed. Generally, the cervix does not need to be expanded. It is easy to suck the tissue tissue with vacuum attractive surgery.You can go home in 2 hours, recover quickly, and have a small impact on your body.

3. 10 ~ 14 weeks of pregnancy: uterine scraping clearance

Because the embryo has gradually grown, the placenta has been formed, and the uterus has grown up. At this time, an artificial abortion is not suitable for simple vacuum attractive techniques.Membrane tissue.The operation is difficult, bleeding, and slow recovery, which has a certain impact on the body.

4. More than 14 weeks of pregnancy: hospitalization and induction of labor

It is needed to be hospitalized for induction of labor for more than 14 weeks; but if the fetus is more than 24 weeks, it is basically a heartbeat and sensation. When induction of labor, the doctor will use shellavic puncture to stop the fetal heartbeat and then produce it.Scrape the placenta to prevent the residue from hurting the mother.At this time, the pain of pregnant women and the risk of surgery increased a lot.

Precautions after abortion

1. After the artificial abortion surgery is over, you should observe for 2 hours. Pay attention to vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain. If there is no response, you can go home.

2. After surgery, you need to rest for 2 weeks to prevent colds and colds. Eat more nutritious foods to restore your body as soon as possible.

3. If a large amount of bleeding, chills or long -term abdominal pain, contact the doctor quickly.

4. Forbidden travel within a week.

5. Menstruation will not come from 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

6. A week after a week is important. In addition to checking the contractions and whether there is inflammation, if necessary, you must also know if you have the possibility of continuing pregnancy or uterine pregnancy.

The impact of abortion on women’s psychology

For women, the abortion experience often becomes a major trauma experience. This psychological impact and sadness is not as much as a serious creative experience such as the death of the loved ones.In particular, if women are forced to abandon or need to terminate their pregnancy due to the congenital abnormal fetus, they are often condemned by conscience and blame themselves to kill their children in a violent manner.How can the trauma after abortion heal?What can relatives do for them?

1. Respect and empathy of medical staff

Termination of pregnancy is a very difficult and painful decision in life. Considering it behind it, I am afraid that it is not just that you just want to have life and do not want to have so simple. Therefore, in addition to providing physiological needs, the needs of the nursing staff are: listening and support: listening and supportIts feelings, providing related information and clear information, respect and attention to their feelings, reducing stimuli to avoid continuous reminding the failure of breeding.

2. Family’s company

With her, let her know that you have always been next to her, letting you truly care and sympathy, showing it in speechless.Simple physical contact may be the best communication.

3. Seek help

If she talks about suicide or signs of other worsening psychological health, please ask for help.

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