Too uncomfortable pregnancy reaction?7 relief methods, teach you to say goodbye to "nausea and vomiting"


After experiencing the pregnancy period of "rules", I finally "recruited" pregnancy. At this moment, is it good to be happy or self -dependent, but don’t be happy too early. From the beginning of pregnancy, the first level faced is ""Pregnancy reaction", of course, this is just the first test to face in October.

Due to the different systems of the pregnant mother, the intensity of the early pregnancy reaction will be different. Some pregnant mothers are calm and quiet.Why does the mother have a pregnancy reaction? Then we must understand what the pregnancy reaction is!

The so -called early pregnancy reaction refers to the early pregnancy. Due to the increase in the increased gonadotropin in the body of the pregnant woman, the decrease in the secretion of gastric acid, and the extension of the gastric emptying time, the dizziness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting occur.

Although in general, it is not necessary to treat early pregnancy reactions, it is also extremely uncomfortable for pregnant mothers. It is painful to eat for the fetus and vomit.

So, is there any way to ease, can you easily say goodbye to "nausea and vomiting"?Let the pregnant mother eat well, what about the fetal growth is healthier?Let’s take a look at these 7 small methods!

1. When discomfort, pregnant mothers can change their position appropriately, such as lying down and resting on a soft sofa, and can also protect their stomach with cushions, which can be effectively relieved.

2. In the early pregnancy, you can do something you are interested in, such as going out for walking and exercise. Of course, the pregnant mother who loves music can also listen to music. The soothing environment can improve the irritability of the pregnant mother.Essence

3. The empty stomach is most likely to cause the nausea and vomiting of pregnant mothers, so you can prepare some snacks you like at any time, put it in the place where you can, and don’t let your stomach be empty.

4. During the early pregnancy, avoid eating some greasy and fried foods. This kind of food is the most likely to cause nausea and vomiting and unhealthy for pregnant mothers, so eat less.

5. Maintain an optimistic and relaxed mentality. Studies have found that pregnant mothers who can ensure their mentality during pregnancy often have fewer pregnancy reactions, and those pregnant mothers who are afraid of pregnancy reactions are often afraid of what.

6. The regular schedule can effectively improve the degree of operation and acceptance of the body. After all, reaction such as pregnancy vomiting is a active resistance manifestation of the body body. Therefore, maintaining regular schedules and sleep can ensure the health of the body.

7. Once the pregnant mother is nauseous and vomiting, you can drink some drinks containing salt, potassium, and glucose in moderation, which can supplement the lost electrolyte for the pregnant mother.

Of course, in addition to these, there are many small methods, such as when Yiyi’s mother is pregnant, I will choose to practice writing brush characters to divert my attention. Sometimes I put it in, and I will not feel any discomfort. Of course, the diet is light and suitable.Mainly, avoid high -fat or greasy foods, which can relieve early pregnancy reactions well.

Finally, I also hope that pregnant mothers can easily get pregnant in October and give birth to a healthy baby!

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