Top 10 precautions in the middle of pregnancy, pregnant mothers know in advance that the baby is healthy!

The second trimester is in the stable period of the fetus. It can be slightly easier than the early pregnancy. There is no need to have more concerns and tension like in the early pregnancy.There are still many precautions that need to be noticed by pregnant mothers. These precautions know early that pregnant mothers will suffer less and help the healthy development of the fetus.

From the 13th weeks of pregnancy to the 27th weeks of pregnancy, it belongs to the second trimester, and it has belonged to the third trimester since 28 weeks of pregnancy.Pregnancy tests are particularly important whether they are early or third trimester.In the second trimester of pregnancy, there are three particularly important checkups. Pregnant mothers must understand in advance, prepare, and successfully pass these three important examinations.(Sugar sieve, Tang’s screening, three major examinations).

The same room during pregnancy is okay, and the same room during pregnancy is good for pregnant mothers and fetal baby, but the same room during pregnancy is different from usual. Be sure to pay attention to safety.It should not be too frequent and fierce. This is not conducive to the health of pregnant mothers, and it also has a certain impact on the development of the baby, so you must pay more attention to the same room during pregnancy.

In the early pregnancy, in the second trimester, the diet in the third trimester is very important, but the development of the baby in the second trimester of pregnancy will be fast. At this time, you must pay more attention to nutritional supplements.Pay attention to calcium supplement, increase energy, and eat less meals at the same time, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients and the absorption of the baby. Some pregnant mothers eat more in the third trimester, but the flesh grows on her body.Essence

The second trimester is a good time for breast care, because stimulating breasts in the early pregnancy and advanced stages of stimulation will not be conducive to the stability of the fetus. The stability of the fetus in the middle of pregnancy can care for the breast, especially the nipple depression, the flat nipples, and the proper measures to take measures appropriately in the middle of pregnancy.Nursing will be more conducive to postpartum breastfeeding. Pregnant mothers can use warm water to clean the nipples and areolas. The breast ducts are properly dredged and the movements are soft.

Because the uterus does not matter, the pressure of the gastrointestinal will be more obvious because the uterus will become more obvious, which will cause many pregnant mothers to have difficulty in defecation. Continuous constipation will easily cause hemorrhoids.Then the maternal will suffer more, so they usually prevent it early, eat more crude fiber food, drink plenty of water, etc.

Prevention of stretch marks in the second trimester is also very important, because it is basically difficult to eliminate after giving birth during pregnancy, and even the cost of high -end technology is a lot.To prevent stretch marks, you must apply it. You can apply products that prevent stretch marks, while eating foods that increase collagen, and so on.

The changes in hormones in the middle of pregnancy are relatively obvious, and the vaginal secretion of pregnant mothers will increase. At this time, the pregnant mothers need to pay more attention to the cleaning of the vagina and the disinfection of the underwear to avoid gynecological diseases such as vaginitis in the middle of pregnancy. This is not only conducive to pregnant mothers.The physical and mental health of the fetus will also affect the health of the fetus, so hygiene during pregnancy must pay special attention, especially the private parts.

Pregnant mothers in the middle of pregnancy need to exercise appropriately, especially the muscles that can exercise the bottom muscles of the basin, which can help the delivery and prepare for childbirth in advance.However, it is necessary to exercise appropriately. At the same time, it is suitable for you. The relaxed housework can also be done, such as bending over, squatting, lifting heavy objects, etc., which needs to be avoided, which is not conducive to the health of the fetus.

Due to the rapid development of the fetus in the second trimester, the pregnant mothers may feel that their bodies are a bit uncomfortable. Therefore, when entering early in the middle of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to cultivate their habit of rest early and develop regular schedules.This is conducive to the sufficient sleep in the third trimester. If you always stay up late, the adjustment of the biological clock will also take time, which will cause poor sleep.

Starting serious prenatal education in the second trimester is very important for fetal baby. The babies of babies in the middle of pregnancy are very fast, and other organs are also during the rapid development. At this time, the appropriate prenatal education is too important for fetal baby.A good prenatal education is really conducive to the development of the fetal brain. If you don’t want your baby to lose on the starting line, you must seriously prenatal education.

The body of the pregnant mother in the second trimester will change a lot, and the body and psychological change will change a lot due to the large changes in the fetus and the amount of hormone levels. At this timeLet them spend the whole pregnancy in physical and mental pleasure.

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