Treatment of hyperthyroidism, have you chosen right?

Primary thyroid hyperthyroidism, that is, clinical syndrome caused by hyperthyroidism caused by the thyroid gland itself, referred to as hyperthyroidism.There are three basic treatment schemes of hyperthyroidism: internal medicine anthology, surgical treatment, and nuclear medical iodine-131 treatment.The three schemes have their own advantages and disadvantages, complement each other, and do not exclude each other. If necessary, two schemes need to be treated together.

Internal Medicine Anti -Agenal Drug Treatment

This is the most basic treatment method, suitable for mild hyperthyroidism, as well as auxiliary therapy for patients with iodine-131 treatment or surgery.It is also suitable for patients with hyperthyroidism or breastfeeding.Due to the long treatment (about two years or longer), the cure rate is low (30%to 40%), the recurrence rate (40%to 60%), there are certain proportion of bone marrow and liver and other poisonous side effects.There is a downward trend.


Surgery can quickly relieve the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and cure hyperthyroidism.However, due to the high risks brought by the complications of surgery and surgery, it is generally not the first choice.It is suitable for those who are urgent to pregnant in a short time (4-6 months), huge thyroidistia, hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism with hyperthyroidism, and thyroid tumors are particularly suspected or diagnosed with malignant people, hyperthyroidism in the middle of pregnancy.The proportion of patients who currently need surgery have declined significantly.

Iodine -131 treatment

This is currently the safest treatment plan that can cure hyperthyroidism.Its first cure rate is about 85%, and the cure rate is more than 95%. It is suitable for patients A who is not cured for primary diagnosis, recurrence of hyperthyroidism after hyperthyroidism, or internal medicine for a long time.Due to the high cure rate, low recurrence rate (1-2%), safety and simplicity. Although 10%to 30%of patients will occur after treatment, it is easy to diagnose and treat simple treatment. Therefore, the proportion of patients in the past 20 years has always beenUpward trend.

At present, North American countries choose more iodine-131 treatment. If the proportion of the United States can reach 70%, European countries and Japan have a high proportion of drug treatment, and the proportion of surgical treatment in various countries is declining.Domestic hyperthyroidism treatment is still an advantage in the treatment of medicines in the medicine, but in large medical institutions, the proportion of iodine-131 treatment is high and even dominates.

Hyperthyroidism is a complex disease that affects the whole body. From the newborn to the 70s and eighty -year -old elderly people, the patients can develop. The patient’s condition is very different. The treatment requires individualization. There is no best plan. There is only the most suitable solution.The academic circles at home and abroad almost believe that the elderly can choose iodine-131 for the elderly.The Ministry of Health’s "Regulation of Clinical Technology Operations" has canceled the age restrictions in previous textbooks in the indications of iodine-131 treatment of hyperthyroidism.What kind of treatment plan for patients with hyperthyroidism should be determined in accordance with the patient’s condition, medical history, cultural background, willingness and environmental conditions, especially the comprehensive factors such as the regional hospitals and doctors.

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