Trivia!IntersectionIntersectionTeach you how to distinguish between cats?

After pregnancy, cats will soon show their body and behavior abnormalities.

At present, the most accurate and best confirmation method is to bring your cat to the veterinarian for related examinations.

Unless you are a professional cat, we recommend that you perform surgery of cats for cats, which can prevent the number of stray cats caused by the excess of the cat, thereby preventing the phenomenon of euthanasia from unattended stray cats and euthanasia.

1. Determine whether your cat has fertility.If your cat has fertility and has recently entered the estrus, then she is likely to get pregnant.

Female cats will enter a period of sexual active, that is, the estrus period.But in general, in the spring and autumn season.

2. Observe mating behavior.When a cat enters the estrus, she will make some unique behaviors that attract the opposite sex for mating, which will last 4 to 6 days.

When the cat enters the estrus period, she will start to be crying and crying, and may also have a loss of appetite.

The cats in estrus will be more loved ones, and they will go under the feet of the owner.She would walk on the floor while walking, squatting up her tail, bowing her waist, and posing a pair of mismatches.

3. Observe whether the cat’s nipples become larger.When entering 15-18 days of pregnancy, the nipples of female cats often turn bright pink.

4. Pay attention to the shape of the cat.The pregnant female cat looks a bit down from the side and her belly is round.

5. Observe the nest building.A few days before childbirth, cat mothers may have nest -building behaviors to prepare for the coming of kittens.

The cat’s mother may go to a quiet place, such as the corner of the wardrobe or barn, and began to use a blanket, towel or straw to build a small nest, allowing her to give birth to a kitten with peace of mind.

If you observe the nest building and did not realize that she was pregnant before, then you need to take your kitten as soon as possible to the veterinary hospital for detailed prenatal examination.

You can do ultrasound examination.

If the veterinarian is not sure to feel the existence of the embryo, they will use ultrasonic waves to detect whether the female cat is pregnant and the number of cats in the abdomen.

X -rays take pictures.

About 45 days of pregnancy, X -ray detection can see the skeleton of the fetus, and then the number of fetus can be confirmed.

If the mother cat is pregnant, avoid vaccination, remove parasites or feed her medicine.Especially vaccines are very dangerous for female cats and fetuses during pregnancy.

In addition, according to statistics, millions of stray cats worldwide have to accept euthanasia due to excessive quantity.To avoid such problems, please sterilize for your cat.

Doing sterilization before the cat is 5 months old, so she will not get pregnant.

Some veterinarians will recommend sterilizing cats during pregnancy.

Cats generally do not have the phenomenon of "early pregnancy reaction". If your cat starts vomiting often or shows other signs of discomfort, take her to the veterinarian department for examination and treatment.

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