Trouble in early pregnancy

Unconsciously, I am also at the time when I was married to marrying a baby. When I was not married, I was worried about getting married, I wanted to marry, I was afraid of being old, and I was afraid of money.Internal, but my husband who is pretty good [laughs].

So with a child, it became so logical. I felt like half a month of pregnancy. From the pain from the chest to the back from time to time, and occasional brown red, originally thought it was menstrual period, but brown secretions were simply coming simply.Two points, and the amount is not much. I thought "with five points to eight points. At this stage, I was basically no other than paying attention to eating and paying attention.The culprit.

Because I sometimes need to move things at work, I do n’t care about it. I ’m thinking that I’ m not so heavy, so I started moving from a dozen pounds from a half frame.Pain and swelling, I think I have to get ahead in advance if I have menstruation. After all, I have always been accurate during menstruation. There are still more than ten days of menstrual period. I can’t measure the early pregnancy test paper, so I still don’t care.Just use a pad, so I have been insisting on my month. On the day of menstrual period, I actually sneaked it once in the middle. The red was almost invisible, so I thought it was not, but I also knewThe days did not come, and there was no doubt in my heart.

After truly confirming that I have, maybe the baby has been a month, the response is even stronger, the abdominal pain is worse, from the pain to the back pain, and the greater brown discharge becomes more and more tired, because the test is also tired, because the test is tested, because the test is tested because the test is tested because the test is tested because the test is tested because the test is tested.Out, I also followed the B -ultrasound. As a result, because there was no urination, I was not accurate.

But at this time, I thought that the fetus would be guaranteed, and the medicine may be taken. I can still go to work, so I can go to work as usual.The brown secretion suddenly deepened the color. At that time, I really knew that the original pregnancy was really different from that I was not pregnant. I also started to be afraid.In life, I regret it a little, and pray for God to bless. I also heard that the sister of a few children suggested that I took medicine to raise my tires in bed.

I do n’t know if it was because of the tossing before. For more than five weeks, the brown discharge has not been broken, and the lower abdomen often hurts. I was scared.It is unstable, maybe the baby is too small, only five weeks after all.

So for a few days, the brown secretions did not decrease, and the lower abdomen was always in a kind of swelling and pain. I couldn’t help it. I went to see the doctor again. The doctor suggested that the injection.At this time I have been six weeks. The baby has a little primitive fighting. I heard that I had a heartbeat and was a bit at ease, but this process was really difficult. I was tired after returning home after taking the needle. I don’t want to move.The posture is too tired, and I can’t sleep because I didn’t find a good posture. It was really painful, but compared to the previous worries, at least I was at ease at this moment, and I could sleep a peaceful consciousness.

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