Trouble SKR!What to do with pregnant women?Please collect this "self -rescue" guide

Many women encounter the trouble of "allergies" during pregnancy, and there are symptoms such as itching or rash of different degrees of skin.Allergies themselves are uncomfortable, and this special stage during pregnancy is even more difficult to use.

So, in the face of allergies, how should pregnant mothers deal with?Let’s follow the editor to see the opinions of the experts:

Several reasons for mothers allergies

Pregnant mothers are generally divided into two types of skin allergies, one is environmental factors, and the other is diet impact.

envirnmental factor

Allergies caused by the environment are generally upper respiratory diseases, such as allergic rhinitis or asthma.These allergens include dust, mold, cotton wool, animal hair or pollen, second -hand smoke, etc.

Diet impact

Such factors can cause urticaria or atopic dermatitis.Allergens in food are mostly seafood (crab shrimp), nuts (peanuts, walnuts), orange, strawberry, milk, tomatoes, etc.As long as the pregnant mother avoids these allergens, itching symptoms can be relieved well.

Can pregnant mothers be allergic to medication?

The effect of drug treatment is better, but during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor when taking drugs.

How should pregnant women prevent allergies

1. Keep hygiene

If it is allergic, it is recommended not to raise pets at home. If you have already raised it, it is best to foster in a friend’s house to prevent animal fur allergies.Family family should clean up and keep the family clean and tidy.

2. Avoid contact with allergens

Women should try to avoid allergens after pregnancy.For pregnant mothers who are susceptible, air purifiers can be used indoors, wearing masks when going out, so as to reduce contact with dust or pollen.

3. Pay attention to diet balance

After allergies, pregnant mothers need to pay special attention to their diet, and resolutely do not eat foods that are easy to cause allergies.The diet structure needs to be adjusted in time to pay attention to the nutritional balance.Less oil and less salt, eat more fresh fruits and fruits or foods rich in protein to enhance your ability to resist.

4. Reduce the stimulation of the skin

Regardless of whether the pregnant mother is allergic, clean products should be used less, because it is easy to stimulate the skin, especially the abdominal skin.Pregnant mothers can use naturally non -additive products at this time, use warm water during bathing, and apply some body milk after bathing.

Pregnant women are allergic. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid excessive allergies and affect the health of themselves and their baby.

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