Troubles during pregnancy

Netizens leave a message: Will he hemorrhoids if you are pregnant?

Pregnancy is likely to get hemorrhoids, and it is possible to increase the original hemorrhoids.Because the uterus compresses the abdominal and pelvic cavity after pregnancy, it can cause increased abdominal pressure and poor venous return. It affects the local blood circulation, and the blood flow is not smooth.As the uterine body gradually increases, the pressure of the lower cavity is increasing, which directly affects the venous return of the lower end of the rectum and the anal canal, causing hemorrhoidal vein to be congested and expanded. In addition, the force increases during childbirth, which has heavier.So as to induce hemorrhoids.

On the other hand, the general amount of activity during pregnancy is small. Sometimes it is not easy to stool and it is easy to stool. As a result, hemorrhoids are worse, constipation, diarrhea, cold, humid, sedentary or squatting for too long, staying up late can induce it.

At the same time, due to the rise in the level of pregnancy hormones during pregnancy, it inhibits contractions to protect the fetus, and also slows the gastrointestinal peristalsis. The stool stays in the intestine for a long time.Dry the hard feces during the stool to scratch the mucous membrane of hemorrhoids and cause bleeding, and even remove the original hemorrhoidal nucleus out of the anus, causing edema and necrosis, causing severe anal pain and inconvenience of walking.

In addition, as the increased uterus compresses the rectum, causing the rectal vein to refuses, because the rectal vein lacks venous flaps, and the blood is not easy to return and it is easy to accumulate.If the mixed hemorrhoids are removed from the anus, it is more likely to form thrombosis or even necrosis.

If the symptoms of hemorrhoidal pain during pregnancy are not particularly severe, you can be conservative and drug treatment, such as paying attention to diet, avoiding spicy food, can drink plenty of water, eat more fruits, eat more vegetables, and promote the smooth discharge of stools. You can sit with warm saline water.Baths promote the blood circulation of perianal perianal, and reduce the accumulation of hemorrhoids and swelling.If the symptoms of pain are severe and a long time of thrombosis or incarceration, surgical treatment should be performed in time, such as thrombosis or mixed hemorrhoids.

During pregnancy, you can do anal lifting exercises, tighten the anus during inhalation, persist for 3-5 seconds, and then slowly relax when exhaling. It is very good for the anal muscle function and the muscle function of the basin of the basin.External removed and blood in the stool can also significantly reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Postpartum hemorrhoids generally improve or decrease. You must also persist, which can increase the tightness of the vagina and promote the recovery of postpartum vaginal and basin bottom function. Persist in doing 2-3 times a day, two groups at a time, one group, 10, and the effect of the long-term effect.Yes, try it.

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