Truth: What should I do if my uterine fibroids are pregnant?This situation can be relieved

Uterine fibroids are common diseases of women. In most cases, even if uterine fibroids are found, many women are no wonder. Only one thing is that when pregnancy and uterine fibroids hit, it should be nervous at this time.EssenceWill uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?What should I do if I find that there are uterine fibroids?Various problems appear like snowflakes. The core point is whether uterine fibroids and pregnancy can coexist.Today, I will talk to you, what things are uterine fibroids and pregnancy.

1. Does uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?

The effect of uterine fibroids on pregnancy needs to see the specific situation of uterine fibroids, and it can generally be divided into the following two situations:

The first case is that the uterine fibroids have a small volume and no symptoms, so the impact on pregnancy has little effect:

Generally speaking, for uterine fibroids smaller than 3 cm, if there is no compression symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, etc., or does not cause irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding, or even anemia, it is just a tumor quiet and quietThe ground appeared, staying there.There is generally no need to worry about this situation, and you can get pregnant normally.However, given that medical technology is already very mature today, it is not difficult to take some asymptomatic small muscle fumors. Some women who are worried about fertility can consult with professional doctors and whether they are suitable for surgery.Enough time to restore the uterus to vitality, otherwise it will increase the risk of complications in post pregnancy.At the same time, regular examinations need to be checked after pregnancy to observe the condition of uterine fibroids.

The second case is that uterine fibroids are large or symptoms of symptoms, and you need to consult a doctor to consider:

If the size of the uterine fibroids exceeds 3 cm or the symptoms of discomfort appear, it is recommended to treat first and then get pregnant.Otherwise, in this case, first of all, uterine fibroids are a factor that affects pregnancy, which may not be pregnant; secondly, even if you are pregnant, the bed and development of the embryo will also need to worry about it.The probability of equal situation is large.Therefore, if the uterine fibroids belong to this situation, it is recommended to treat it before considering pregnancy.

2. What should I do if I find uterine fibroids after pregnancy?

1. Regular inspection

After pregnancy, I found that there are uterine fibroids. Generally, it is recommended to follow the nature. For the time being, there is no special treatment of uterine fibroids, but it needs to be checked regularly to detect whether the size of the uterine fibroids changes.Any symptoms and so on.

2. Treatment of postpartum

If uterine fibroids are not very serious, it is generally recommended to deal with postpartum, especially uterine fibroids found in the later stages of pregnancy. If surgical resection is forcibly performed, it will increase the risk of bleeding and the difficulty of hemostasis.Essence

3. Pay attention to rest and supplement nutrition

After pregnancy, it is found that pregnant women with uterine fibroids need to have enough rest every day. In addition, do not dare to eat because of worrying about the nutrition of uterine fibroids, which will affect the fetal nutrition.

4. Keep a happy mood

When I was pregnant, I found that there was uterine fibroids, and the mood of pregnant women would be affected. Not only was they worried about their bodies, but also worried about the health of the fetus.But poor emotions may make uterine fibroids more serious and may affect the development of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women need to adjust their mood. Only by maintaining a good mood can we have a healthy baby.

5. Determine the method of delivery according to the actual situation

Many pregnant women are worried that they have uterine fibroids, and they cannot give birth to babies by vaginal delivery. In fact, pregnant women with uterine fibroids can also be delivered through vaginal.Just listen to the doctor’s arrangement at this time.

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