Truth Big Bang: When pregnant mothers encounter spring dreams, pay attention to the phenomenon of contractions

According to ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, mothers will have fetal dreams in the early stages of pregnancy, and most of them think that fetal dreams have a certain foreshadow.Will rumors that "spring dreams" in early pregnancy will be born?Is this the so -called gender forecast or normal physiological reaction?When pregnant mothers frequently encounter spring dreams, what are the truth about the phenomenon of contractions?

Doctors said: Like the usual dreams of Chunmeng, they are normal physiological phenomena. There are many reasons why pregnant mothers in early pregnancy, mainly the following two points:

1. After pregnancy, the estrogen and progesterone in the pregnant mothers have risen sharply, making the pregnant mother’s body more sensitive;

2. After pregnancy, due to the health considerations of the baby in the stomach, many pregnant mothers will choose "completely abstinence". The estrogen in the pregnant mother is high, and the ascetic time is too long, and naturally there will be spring dreams.This is a very normal phenomenon.

Some people say that doing spring dreams during pregnancy is a strong desire for pregnant mothers, and her son is pregnant.Some people vowed to say that they had had a dream of spring, and then gave birth to a son.In fact, there is no basis between the two, and it is purely coincidental.The doctor clearly stated that spring dreams have nothing to do with the gender of the fetus during pregnancy, and the sperm of the prospective father who decides the gender of the fetus.

The key to Chunmeng during pregnancy depends on the degree of contraction.In other words, be sure to pay attention to the phenomenon of contraction!For example, after the spring dream, the pregnant mother’s secretions have no abnormality and the stomach has no pain. Then, the harm of spring dreams to the fetus can be basically ignored. The joy in spring dream can make the fetus grow healthy.If the abdominal pain, the stomach tight and hard, the secretions increase after the spring dream, the secretions increase, and there is a red phenomenon, or if the stomach is bloated and the next day, you must go to the hospital.Because, there are real cases of abortion after spring dreams in clinical practice.

Frequent spring dreams must be paid attention to, especially when the fetus is unstable in the early pregnancy.

1. Treat them ordinary.It is normal for pregnant mothers to make spring dreams. It is a normal physiological reaction. Do not face the symptoms of spring dreams. Do not face it.As the saying goes, people have seven emotions and six desires, let alone a special crowd.

2. Less romance drama.The pregnant mother has a spring dream. Although the estrogen accounts for a big factors, the stimulus of emotional factors can also cause spring dreams.In other words, pregnant mothers who like to pursue love dramas will have a greater chance of spring dreams.So, in order to reduce the dream of spring, it is necessary to temporarily leave the film and television drama or romance literature of romance.

3. Dynamic attention.When you are tortured by spring dreams and are worried about causing damage to your baby, you may wish to divert your attention, such as listening to soothing music, watching some pregnancy, parenting books, etc.

From this, there is no need to treat the spring dreams as a flood beast in the early stages of pregnancy. As long as you pay attention to the contraction, there are abnormal conditions to go to the hospital for examination in time.Of course, be sure to inform the doctor’s real reason, don’t be embarrassed!

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