Turn around: Sophie discovered that he was pregnant after divorce, and the scumbag relied on a woman to turn over

In the TV series "Bright Turn", the female lead Sophie took the wedding anniversary and showed the true face of the scumbag Yan Weilun in front of everyone.Because of Sophie’s move, the scum man Yan Weilun scanned the ground and divorced himself. He obtained his daughter’s custody and property competition.The company’s senior management also discovered that Yan Weilun lost his investment!Ask Yan Weilun to repay the investment!

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This plot gave the audience a little bit.The later plot made the audience feel sad -when they divorced her husband, Sophie discovered that he was pregnant!What makes the audience most abused is that Sophie’s daughter does not understand the divorce of his father and mother!

Yan Weilun is a scumbag and a good father -in the education of accompanying her daughter and daughter, Yan Weilun has made his own efforts and love!

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The love of her daughter for her father is the biggest bargaining chip that Yan Weilun relies on.Yan Weilun knew that her daughter Yan Youran couldn’t live without herself.Sophie’s kindness will not tell his daughter the truth about derailment.Sophie is afraid that the truth will hurt her daughter!Therefore, Yan Weilun will be unscrupulous to his wife.There is no apology for your derailment!

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Yan Weilun, a scum man, is very good at giving it a woman’s psychology -Ding Manman is a rich woman who is used to raising from a young age!No setbacks.I have no divorce, and it is a blow to Ding Manman.In order to make himself come back, Yan Weilun made a series of planning.He was very clear that Ding Manan was undercover at the company and his side!Therefore, he intentionally let the undercover know that he would divorce Sophie immediately!This made Ding Manman’s hope in his heart!After Ding Man learned about Yan Weilun’s divorce.I won’t go abroad right away.Even if Ding’s long father was not satisfied with his daughter to become a junior in others.Ding Man is still lonely!Yan Weilun observes Ding Mang’s circle of friends at any time!Drived in front of Ding Mang, let Ding Manman fall into his own trap!

In the subsequent preview, after Sophie and Yan Weilun divorced, Ding Manlian and Yan Weilun immediately entered the palace of marriage.As everyone knows, Yan Weilun will betray Sophie.It will also betray Ding Mang!Ding Manman will pay a huge price because of his choice!The director reminds the rich girl through the shaping of the role of Yan Weilun, not to destroy his life because of his love brain!

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