Two bars of pregnancy test paper, but they are not pregnant. In these three cases, there will be errors in pregnancy test paper.

Lanlan’s menstruation was postponed for 1 week. She showed two bars with pregnancy test paper testing. Lanlan thought she was pregnant.A little response, her husband took her to the hospital for examination. The doctor told them that Lanlan was not pregnant, and Lan Lan murmured in his heart. How could he not get pregnant?

The most obvious feature during pregnancy is that menstruation is delayed. If this happens, they will go to the pharmacy to check for pregnancy test paper testing. If two bars are detected, they will be pregnant.However, the pregnancy test paper sometimes deceives her mother. It shows that two bars do not mean pregnancy. Moms are best to go to the hospital to check to avoid embarrassment like Lanlan.Under what circumstances will the pregnancy test will "fail"?

Test time

Generally, we recommend that women take morning urine testing whether they are pregnant. Because at this time, the HCG content in urine is the highest, so the results obtained are the most accurate.HCG generally exists in women’s blood and urine, and it will change with deepening pregnancy. If a woman is pregnant, its HCG value will change.If the mother is not detected in the morning, but when choosing at other times, the HCG content in the urine will be relatively low, so the results of the test will be inaccurate.The child’s mother must pay attention to the test time.

Wet test paper

Pregnant paper is generally stored in a dry place, because once the detection site is wet, it will affect the results of the detection.Lele has happened not long ago. She bought a pregnancy test paper for a long time. Because of the seasons, the pregnancy measurement paper was wet.When Lele is in use, there is no result no matter how you check.Once the pregnancy test paper is dipped in water or wet, mothers should not use it anymore, even if the detection will not be accurate.

Test method error

Generally, when you are pregnant, hold the test strip in one hand, and you can display the results while dipping your urine. Remember not to immerse the pregnancy test paper in the urine.If the test strip is not in the urine, it will damage the pregnancy measurement paper, causing the results of the pregnancy test paper to be inaccurate.

So how do mothers use pregnancy test paper measurement?

Take a dry pregnancy test paper, the pregnancy test paper must be used within 1 hour. There are generally arrows on the pregnancy test paper. Put the test strip in the urine cup according to the direction of the arrow, but do not exceed the marked line, 5 seconds for 5 seconds, 5 seconds, 5 seconds.After that, you can take out the pregnancy test paper. At this time, the results will be displayed on the test strip. As long as the mother can judge the results as long as the instructions on the packaging bag.

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